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Fun In The Sun Part 1

Updated on January 30, 2009

1:1 Buying Tour - San Diego Day 1

I’m in San Diego, California with the Real Estate Profit Coach gang. We’re here for two weeks to purchase properties for our own portfolio. We’re going to wholesale a few deals to pay for our trip. And knowing us, we will probably have a darn good time before, during and after working our butts off.  

The first day started with Scott Carson and I have breakfast on the beach in Mission Bay. Scott hails from Austin, and I’m from Dallas, and these areas were being hit by an ice storm overnight. We sent some California beach sunshine via photos back to our associates and loved ones. Surprisingly, they were not well received. Side note – Jason Schubert delayed his trip due to a death in the family, and is working San Diego leads remotely. Jason will join us on Saturday.  

After a great breakfast, we headed out to hook up with Bob Leonetti and Roland Frasier at Roland’s office. Bob’s asked us to provide a daily video log of our activities, so we filmed our Day 1 intro. We then got busy doing the basics – determine our target market, getting our message out and building our team. We let as much of San Diego know as possible that there were some players in town!  

We had several area maps of the San Diego area from Tijuana to San Clemente, and inland. We determined our sweet spot for buying was along the I-5 corridor from San Diego to Oceanside.  

Our marketing consisted of various Craigslist ads in our target areas. These will be posted on the web site, along with our responses. Craigslist is a great, free resource for investors. We got hits off our ads pretty quickly.  

Now we needed to build our team, so the next step was checking out the local real estate investment clubs. Scott checked out the local REIA, and I went to and reviewed several of the local groups available. A few emails lead to a potentially great lead that I am meeting on Day 2. He’s an REO broker that recently brokered a $32 million REO pool with Fannie Mae. That’s what I’m talking about! More on Don tomorrow.  

Scott’s activity led to an expired, REO and pre-foreclosure lists from a real estate agent. One of the companies in Roland’s office building is a huge REO broker. Scott spent time with them – so check out his blog!  

Bob, Scott and I went to lunch at a local burger joint. We discussed business and had a thoroughly good time. Be sure to ask Bob about his job with whales.  

We went back to Roland’s office and continued our marketing efforts. Scott discovered a local real estate investment group had a meeting tonight, so we packed up and headed out to join it. Some of your best leads will come from networking these events.  

The real estate investment meeting turned out to be a great resource. The $10 admission was well worth the contacts we made. Chicago Title hosted the event, and is very investor friendly. Plus, the key principal is an investor himself, and had some great advice on area investing.  

The next speaker is a real estate attorney, and an investor as well. The third speaker is a real estate agent specializing in short sales. They were very curious in what Scott and I were doing, and we’ve made plans to meet with them later in the week.  

The attendees in the meeting were just as interesting. Attendees included a commercial lender, an REO listing agent, and a contractor.  

Scott teased me when I asked for a business receipt for the $10 admission. Hey, money is money. My “receipt” was a list of all attendees along with their contact information. Yeah baby! Who’s laughing now, Scott?  

We ended our 13 hour day by going to McDonald’s drive thru just to get something in our stomachs. Time to shut down today and do it all over again tomorrow.

California Dreamin'

Breakfast At The Beach
Breakfast At The Beach

Day 1 Wrap Video

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    • 1scottcarson profile image

      1scottcarson 7 years ago from Austin, Texas

      That was a good day and great wrap up!

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