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Fun In The Sun Part 5

Updated on February 05, 2009

1:1 Buying Tour – San Diego Day 5

5 down, 9 to go!

Scott, Jason and I were joined by 1:1 student Haynes Parker. Haynes took action and as a result was rewarded with spending a few days watching over the shoulder of investors working a new market. We started the day off having breakfast at Denny’s.  Afterwards we headed for Roland’s office to get working on all our leads.  

That said, Super Bowl Sunday was a slow day!  

I received 8 REOs, 7 of which were not listed in MLS, from the REO Listing Broker we met at the real estate investor meeting Day 1. I made plans to meet up with Dan on Monday to discuss his listings.  

I worked on researching the Notice Of Trustee Sale leads downloaded from the Chicago Title Default site and found phone numbers. Jason and I called on homeowners facing foreclosure. Many times the difficulty with NOT’s is the homeowner has already moved on, and there home phone number is no longer active. We left a few messages, and reached a few homeowners that have managed to get their home sold prior to the auction date. Congratulations to them!  

Notice of Defaults are generally better to reach, although not necessarily as motivated as the NOT’s. We were able to talk with many more NOD homeowners since they are early in the foreclosure process. Some homeowners were listed and provided us with their real estate agent information.  

Scott took off with Haynes to review the oceanfront properties that his real estate agent brought to him. Turns out these are the same properties Aloha Don told me about on Day 2. Aloha Don decided to take the weekend off and didn’t follow through on this property - Ya snooze, ya lose!  

A bit of a slow day due to the football game. We broke early to make sure Jason could enjoy his Steelers. Go team!

Super Bowl Sunday!

Taco Stadium
Taco Stadium
Breakfast at Dennys
Breakfast at Dennys

Day 5 Wrap


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