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Fun Places to Make Money Online

Updated on August 10, 2010

Make Money Online in Fun Places

The Internet bursts at the digital seams with web sites offering moneymaking opportunities. It seems that most of us need a buck or two, but few want to leave the computer in order to pay the rent. Perhaps all these pages target a tiny percentage of the population. On the other hand, perhaps 99% of us would love to retire tomorrow and Make Money Online in Fun Places.

Big Fat Checks for Doing Nothing, Virtually

Visit for a crack at the high life. Essentially, no effort, intelligence, or training are necessary. We learn that two 20 year-old fellows have cracked the code for unimaginable wealth. Their altruism drives them to share with us.

These two Internet geniuses ostensibly rake in over 100K per month, presumably in US dollars. We are not privy to their expenses. Hopefully they don't spend 99K to earn six figures. Even Wal Mart profits look fat when expenses are ignored. This author is not an accountant, but the difference between net and gross becomes obvious at the end of the month when the BMW payment is due.

Can We Earn Fat Checks Online?

Given than is alive and well, we wonder about similar word combinations. is a parked domain. It's owned by someone but it simply publishes a few money-related advertisements. No fantastic earnings statements are flashed. No emphatic teasers of obviously rich good-looking people standing beside luxury automobiles appear anywhere on the page.

What About the .ORGs?

We wondered about can we get rich there?

Nope. That domain isn't even registered. The good news: any of us can snap up the domain and create our own online cash generating machine. Hey, if two young guy still in their 20s can do it with, then one housewife from Kokomo or three cattle ranchers from Sacramento or an unemployed nuclear physicist from Calgary can probably do the same. How hard can it be?

Let's Check on is another ad publishing site, populated with Google ads. Customers can order checks, print checks, reorder checks, design checks, and check on their checks. No one will get rich doing any of that. is For Sale

Check out for a good deal on a slightly used domain. acts as an intermediary between domain buyers and sellers.

The domain is owned by a company called Rarenames, Inc., out of Massachusetts. Based on the company name, these folks expect to realize Internet Riches by dealing in domain names. is for sale is for sale Looks Promising

Point your browser to for a view of the all-time greatest goofball pitchman in media history. Matthew Lesko has spawned more Free Stuff cottage industries than Kevin Trudeau can even dream about. Internet millionaires go to bed at night longing for strategies to out-earn the Lesko conglomerate. No Internet persona comes close. Not even The Rich Jerk, The Rich Kids, The Rich Janitor, The Wealthy Weasel, or Joe The Internet Millionaire are worthy of cleaning the in-ground pool behind Lesko's guest house. Lesko figured out how to convince otherwise sane people to send him money in exchange his lists of free stuff. He gets paid for repackaging public information.   :   All Hail Matt Lesko : All Hail Matt Lesko : A Digital Kick in the Pants

Find your inner focus at The site has no links to Free Internet Money, no eBooks to download, and no promises of Big Internet Early Retirement.

A few paragraphs of zen-like advice is all the site offers. Focused primarily on the happiness that can be achieved by blogging, the information is low key to the point of being somnolent. Perhaps this is what the Internet Money Making Machine truly needs: a little straight talk sans glitz. : Don't try to buy anything. : Don't try to buy anything. Offers to Loan Us Money

Yes, we can get rich by borrowing money, but unless we are the US Congress, we'll eventually go to jail for it. Visiting redirects to The good folks at Cash Advance provide short term loans to anyone with an Internet Pulse. A huge photo of smiling heads lying in the grass tells us that it's really fun to borrow money against our next payday. The male smiling head needs to spend some money on a razor. Paying it back might be problematic, unless Matt Lesko offers to sell his question mark encrusted sport jacket to cover the note. : Lay on the grass and get some fast cash. : Lay on the grass and get some fast cash.


Pretty much all the domain names are taken, but some combinations of big, fat, and checks are available.


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    • profile image

      multimastery 7 years ago

      Funny hub:) All these good domain names full of nothing but google ads, no content, just google ads. Sad.

    • Tom Whitworth profile image

      Tom Whitworth 7 years ago from Moundsville, WV


      I thought Congress got all their loans from after all it's based in China!!!!!!!!!!

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      @Barbara Kay: Thank you!

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 7 years ago from USA

      This was an interesting idea for a Hub and it is well researched. Thanks for a good read.