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GA Loan

Updated on June 3, 2010

A GA loan has much more to it than simply signing papers and having some money handed over. There are actually three types of loans; secured, unsecured, and demand. Each of these is explained below in more detail.


This type of loan requires collateral. Cars or pieces of property are the sorts of assets used for this collateral. Once the borrower is able to provide proof of these assets, the loan application will be considered for approval by the lender.

A mortgage loan is one of the most common forms of a secured loan. Purchasing a home often requires use of a mortgage loan, which can range from a few years to 30 years. Mortgages loans usually have either a fixed-rate or an adjustable-rate. The state of the economy often determines which one a person prefers to apply for.

For instance, when the interest rates are low, a fixed-rate loan might be the best. Monthly payments are going to be the same each month and this is often easier for people to keep track of. As for the adjustable-rate loan, the payments will fluctuate with the interest rates and inflation. When rates are low, the monthly payment is low too, just as when the interest rates are high, then so are the payments.

Stock hedge loans are additional secured loans that can be taken out.


An unsecured loan doesn't have any assets to back it up. Credit card debt is the most common type of unsecured loan. Applying for a credit card usually entails filling out a simple form and mailing it in. This form doesn't request proof of ownership of a vehicle or property, only personal information. As long as the person applying has a good credit history, the credit card application is generally approved. Personal loans often follow the same suit as credit cards; good credit means the loan is usually approved.

Bank overdrafts are a form of unsecured loan that isn't applied for, but is provided as a perk for having certain bank accounts. Overdrafts occur when the bank sends payment to cover a check that was written on an account with insufficient funds. The payment is sent to keep the check from bouncing, but the bank demands repayment for this mini-loan.

Lines of credit and corporate bonds are two other types of unsecured loans available.


This is a short-term loan that has a floating interest rate and no set date for repayment to be completed by. These can be either unsecured or secured.

Loans can be taken out for purchasing a new home or car, paying for educational courses, or getting one's paycheck in advance. The type of GA loan taken out will be determined by why the loan is needed in the first place. It's best to talk over the purpose of the loan with a lending officer at the desired financial institution. Taking out the lowest amount required is highly recommended, since taking out more money also means that more will need to be paid back.


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