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Updated on October 14, 2009

Saving for my next cruise

Saving for my next cruise
Saving for my next cruise

Every penny counts!

I will admit that prior to my financial collapse, I was not being very careful with my spending. I had forgotten what it was like back in the late 60's and 70's before I had it so good.

I was lazy, not paying attention and not saving any money. I can exist either poor or rich because I have been both in my lifetime.

I started searching the papers and the Internet for grocery coupons and found that most of the products I did not  really use. Then I had an idea.

I looked up all the companies that I do use their products, like Tyson chicken, Folgers coffee, Frito-Lays - Hostess etc. and I emailed all of them. I told them that their prices on their products are increasing, I am jobless and have used their products for over 25 years.

Would they have any free products or coupons? All replied and sent  free product coupons, or amounts  ranging from 50 cents to $10.00 . I used all the coupons today at 2 different grocery stores. The only company that would not send anything was Hershey's. I will not buy any of their products any more.

I also look at the ground when I walk, I found fifty cents one day, forty cents another day, and my neighbor found $ 40.00. It adds up.

The price of gold is rising, and since I live in a beach town and read about a Miami guy that used his metal detector and found a $40,000 ring, I will invest in that machine. Plus walking is good exercise.

The other thing I found out was in The State Of Florida Lottery web site, there is a list of all the scratch off tickets and a total of all the tickets that have remaining prizes to win. Why would you want to buy a scratch off ticket that has no remaining prizes?

I play Fantasy Five. I thought of these five numbers and I play them weekly. The first day I missed playing, because I became lazy again, four numbers hit and I lost about $100.00.  I remember n older man in New York, years also telling me to always play the same numbers and to be patient, it will hit.He hit a big jackpot!

I use to play Quick Pics, but I see that the Quick Pic numbers are always dancing around the winning numbers. I do not know the reason why that is always happening.

Other than that, I am baking my own bread, in my bread machine.I do not buy take out food. I am in the process of quitting smoking, it costs too much money.

The holiday season is creeping closer, I see advertisements about KMART lay away.. I have not bought gifts in five years. I bake goodies and give those as gifts. I do no holiday shopping and I love the freedom from the long lines and crowded places.

I do not send cards either, postage has increased too high. I hope that the job market will open here in the next month, so I can earn money and save some more.


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