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Generating residual income from your home

Updated on May 25, 2016

In today’s world of computers and technology, the way we used to earn has been completely revolutionized. Today, many large organizations have online networks and employs from every corner of the world. This not only allows them to reduce employee’s cost but also allow them to reach wider geographical markets through their employees. Similarly, time is another important factor which is positively affected with the advent of computers and internet. You don’t need to park your car in the parking lot; neither needs you to keep standing in queues for checking out. This saves a lot of time which you can give to your home based job. Thousands of people are starting their online home based business and are earning a good sum of supplementary income.

If you are also seeking for some sure-fire way to generate residual income with the comfort of home using your desktop or laptop computer, then it is not a very difficult or impossible task. You just need a fast enough laptop computer with a good internet connection that can keep you in touch with the rest of the business world.

Data entry jobs are among the greatest source of generating residual income from home. The greatest advantage of data entry jobs is that you don’t need any prior professional experience. Furthermore, you don’t need to step out of your home for performing these jobs. You just need a computer with which you can contact your online employees and can perform your tasks using various software packages. MS Word and MS Excel are the most commonly used software packages for data entry jobs. Therefore, you don’t need any extra learning or experience.

Affiliate program is another way to generate a good income from your website or blog. But you need expertise and professionalism for truly generating money from your website. Once you are with your website, you have thousands of opportunities to use it for generating residual income. Affiliate programs are simply text and/or image links which are redirected to some online selling website. You place these links on your website and whenever a visitor of your website clicks on the affiliate link and make purchase from the selling website, your will get a commission. The percentage of commission varies widely from one seller to another and from one product to another. Therefore, you need to find the best seller with best products and best commission rates.

Writing is another great opportunity for making money from internet. There are thousands of websites which pay you for writing. You need to be a good, creative and informative writer and should have a good writing experience. You can write on any topics. Websites like and are paying good amount of residual income for your writing. Furthermore, you can hire more writers for submitting greater number of articles. The more you write, the more are the chances to make money from home. But you should make sure that the website is not fake and fraudulent as there exist a number of black listed companies. These are only there to steal the money of innocent people like you.


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