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Generosity Equals Prosperity

Updated on February 16, 2015

Let’s take a visit to your future. You have followed my plan and achieved financial abundance. What will you do now that you are financial free? Are you going to hoard all your money selfishly or are you going to help the less fortunate? The way you answer that question will determine if your money is controlling you or if you are in control of your money. Some people get to this point and (out of fear of losing everything they have built) they become obsessed with keeping all their money to themselves and making more. If this becomes you, then you have traded one form of slavery for another. The only way you will ever truly enjoy your new found financial freedom is to help others. This clearly does not mean give everything you have worked hard for away (unless God tells you to), but if someone has a legitimate need and you can help you should.

Helping can come in the form of financial assistance or acts of kindness. Some of the best gifts are free. It does not matter which one you chose to do as long as you do something. You do not have to look hard or far to find people in need. They are everywhere. Single parents, orphans, homeless people, disable veterans, elderly, etc. are all in need daily. What now may seem like nothing to you would be a miracle to someone else.

Example 1. A single parent may be struggling to figure out how she will pay for grocery as she/he does not get paid until next Friday. You could anonymously (if you like) send them a Publix gift card for $100 to help them.

Example 2. A neighbor’s father may have been killed in the army and now they need a positive (stable) male figure in the lives. You could take time away from work to spend time with them to show them that they are not forgotten.

Example 3. A person may be struggling to pay for college and you could easily help with their tuition. You could help them in the form of scholarship.

The opportunities are endless. Just find what speaks to you and DO IT! Simple selfless acts of compassion can make a huge difference in someone else’s life. I guarantee that whatever you decide to do will end up being a blessing to you, as well.


1) Is there anyone you want to help once you are in a better financial position? Make a list of the people and what you want to do for them. Keep this in a safe place so that you can remember this once you have achieved financial freedom.

2) Did anyone give to you to help you in the past? Reflect on that and make sure they know you appreciate them.

3) Join me here tomorrow.


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