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5 More Ways to Get Cheap Movie Tickets

Updated on May 21, 2012

Despite all the chatter about the Internet and home theater killing the cinema, nothing beats the excitement of a first-run film on the big screen. Theaters allow a move to be experienced instead of merely watched. Unfortunately, ticket prices seem to be working against us. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to save money on movie tickets. But for the more hardcore movie watchers, try my 5 more ways to get cheap movie tickets.

1. Don't Buy Online

Despite the convenience and guarantee of a seat for busy showings, the Internet is seldom going to offer the best price. Sites like and Fandango both tack on a per-ticket service fee that will significantly raise your costs. We're looking for savings , not a 10% "convenience" tax on each ticket.

If you're trying to score a ticket for that midnight showing, try stopping by the movie theater a couple weeks ahead of time. Theaters usually have pre-sale tickets and you won't be charged the extra fees.

But if you really want to shop online, look at the websites for your rewards credit card. Often times they will offer special discounts on movie tickets.



2. Ask Your Employer

Many large employers or universities in big cities offer discounted movie tickets. Check with your human resources department or ticket office to see if they have any special offers. And while you're at it, see if they have any discounts for other entertainment options in your town.

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3. Purchase From Other Locations

Some theaters will give a AAA discount at the ticket counter. But for even better deals, go to the nearest AAA office and see if they sell groups of tickets at a discounted rate. Deals as good as 4-for-$24 have been found for tickets that usually sell for as much as $11 each.

Not a AAA member? Seek out other non-traditional spots to buy movie tickets. Hotel concierge, grocery stores, travel agencies, etc. all might have some special deals.

4. Join Rewards Programs

Most theaters these days offer rewards programs. While some are better than others, there are almost no downsides to just biting the bullet and signing up. Programs like the Regal Crown Club or AMC MovieWatcher Rewards allow you to earn points and eventually free tickets or other perks. Some smaller programs, such as Bow-Tie Cinemas' Criterion Club, even offer discounted tickets for certain showings.

5. Ticket Packs

Buying in bulk has become the new thing with the rise of Costco and Sam's Club. So why not do the same thing with movie tickets? If you attend movies regularly, consider buying a large block of tickets up-front for a significantly reduced price. The Grand Theatre and AmStar Cinemas, for example, offer books of 50 Royal Tickets for $6.50 each--$3 cheaper than their normal price.

But be warned, the tickets usually expire 1 year after purchase. If you wonder whether 50 movies is too many, find a friend and split them 50/50.

Certainly these methods only begin to touch on the hundreds of ways to get discounted movie tickets. Do you know of any others? Leave them in the comments below!


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    • profile image

      Carmen 4 years ago

      I started a new blog called Easy Ways to Save and Make Money. I have an article on Cheap Ways to Go to the Movies. Check it out!

    • profile image

      Allison D 5 years ago

      Awesome - thanks! This site also has a bunch of ways to get free movie screenings and discount movie tickets:

    • profile image

      Jeannie 5 years ago

      I use because they are the only ones that have Cinemark and Landmark theaters. You only have to buy 4 tickets at a time, so it's about $30 for 4 movie tickets.

    • LoganG profile image

      LoganG 6 years ago from Florida

      You're right, Balinese! Thanks for the additional method. Student cards are an excellent option. And most of the time they don't check expiration dates :).

    • Balinese profile image

      Balinese 6 years ago from Ireland

      what about student card ?

      i always use my student Id and got cheaper for another 3.50 euros :) enough for popcorn :))