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Get Credit Counselling To Solve Your Debt Problem

Updated on July 13, 2010

Once you have accepted the fact that you are in debt, you will need to find a way to change your situation. You could consider finding out more about personal loan debt consolidation. But If you feel that you need the support of someone else that you can talk to in confidence, then you need to consider making contact with a debt counsellor.

A debt counsellor will be a financial expert who is trained to help you to get your financial dilemma into order. They are there to help show you the different options that are available to you so that you can make an educated decision when determining the best way to reduce and eventually eradicate all the money that you owe. The best way to find out about credit counsellors that are in your area is to do an online search. Simply type in credit counsellor and the town that you live in and Google should give you some results.

Speak to a debt counsellor to help with your financial problems
Speak to a debt counsellor to help with your financial problems

Some credit counsellors belong to a government funded body so this could mean that you can get their services for free. The alternative to the goverment funded advice centres are those who will charge a small fee to cover their costs. This option should also be considered if they can help you to dramatically reduce your debt.

If you don’t have any luck online, then get in touch with the Citizen Advice Bureau.  They will also have details about counsellors and debt management companies.  The first step is to acknowledge you have a debt problem.  The next is to actively do something about it.  Start looking online for assistance with your debt and get your finances back on track.

People to talk to for counselling

The Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) is the largest debt advice service available in the UK.  It is a registered charity and aims to help people who are in financial difficulties.  You can contact them by phone and explain your situation.  They will take all your details about who you owe money to and what your monthly outgoings are.

They will then take on the responsibility of contacting your creditors in order to arrange a mutually agreed term of repayment based on information you have provided. A good debt management plan is set up for you and you can relax knowing that your case is being dealt with in confidence. 

This service gives people peace of mind because there is someone else who will take on the burden of contacting banks and other financial institutions for you.  Getting help from the CCCS is completely free and anyone can use their services.


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