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How to Get Paid to Use Coupons

Updated on June 28, 2011
Companies will pay you to print and use coupons from their sites!
Companies will pay you to print and use coupons from their sites! | Source

Everyone knows that coupons can save you money, but did you know they can actually make you money? Some companies are actually willing to pay you to print and use coupons from their site!

This sounds too good to be true, right? Not only did you save $1 at the store using the coupon you printed off the internet, but you could actually get paid for using it. Try one of these three sites to make you money.

Alternatively, some stores will give you overage if your coupon is worth more than the item.  This is another way to get money back.

Companies That Pay You to Print and Use Coupons

Inbox Dollars

Earn 10 cents for each coupon printed from their site that you redeem.  You can request a payout once you reach $30.



Earn 10 points for each coupon printed from their site that you redeem.  Redeem points for gift cards and other items.



Earn 10 Swag Bucks for each coupon printed from their site that you redeem.  Redeem Swag Bucks for gift cards and other items.

Where the Coupons Come From

All three sites have partnered up with for their coupons, so you get the same coupons at each site.  Additionally, printing from multiple sites will not allow you to go over coupon printing limits, so you can’t print the coupons from all three sites to make more money.

Coupons Are Just a Small Part of Each Site

Inbox Dollars and MyPoints are very similar sites; you get paid to read emails they send you, and you can earn money for going through them to buy items.  Example:  Click a link on the site to take you to Target, where you buy an item.  You then get points or cash from Inbox Dollars or MyPoints for your purchase.  The sites have other features, too, that you can use to earn more.


The main feature of Swag Bucks is its search feature.  You are randomly awarded Swag Bucks for searches; most of us search for things anyway, so you earn for something you normally do.  You can also do surveys and polls, shop like with Inbox Dollars and MyPoints, and take advantage of other features.


Coupons alone are not going to help you accumulate much money/points.  However, if you take advantage of one (or all) of the site’s other features, your money can quickly add up.

It Takes Patience

You are not going to instantly be credited your 10 cents/points/Swag Bucks.  You have to wait for the store to send in your coupon to the manufacturer and then the manufacturer to credit the site and then the site to credit you.  This process usually takes about one to two months, though a couple times it’s taken as little as two weeks.


Using Coupon Overage to Get Money

Some stores, like Wal-Mart, have recently changed coupon policies to give customers overage if the coupon is worth more than the product.  For example, I bought 7 boxes of Gain fabric softener sheets.  They cost $1.86 each ($2 each after tax).  I had 7 coupons for $3 off any Gain fabric softener (I usually buy multiple copies of the newspaper to get multiple coupons).  Previously, the store would have just given me the items free, and pocketed the extra $1 they'd get from the manufacturer.  However, now that they give the customer the overage, I walked out of the store with seven items worth $14 plus $7!

Scenarios like that aren't very common, but you can end up with a few cents here and there, which really adds up.  Most commonly I make some money off of the travel-sized items.  For example, if I have a coupon for $1 off shampoo, and I get a travel sized bottle for $.97, the extra 3 cents will be applied towards tax.  I still only get a few cents back, and the item isn't completely free, but the 4-5 cents I pay in tax is worth it.  These items then get donated to the homeless shelter, so the coupons maximize my ability to donate by keeping my prices low.  If you are able to use a coupon you printed from one of the above sites, then you can make money back for an even better deal!


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    • profile image

      Lateisha 2 years ago

      Wow! Talk about a posting knknciog my socks off!

    • profile image

      Josh and Lindsey 6 years ago from Indiana

      Part of Extreme Couponing is doubling coupons (and in some places, even tripling). Most areas don't do this, but anyone can get great savings, even when coupons are just taken at face value.

    • profile image

      J.R. Elkins 6 years ago

      Wow. So much useful information here. I watched the extreme coupon show on TLC a few weeks back and couldn't believe that someone could get over $600 in groceries for just $6.00. Amazing. Great Job