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Get Rich Hobby Farming

Updated on January 19, 2015

Get Rich Quick?

Will you get rich quickly? That is up to you, it depends on how quickly you start your sustainable, self-reliant lifestyle and build your hobby farm. There are a lot of treasures on a hobby farm and the life, you are living on the farm, does make you rich. You have something that many people dream of having, and you are living a life that provides for you and your family. When you sit outside on a perfect evening, enjoying the sights and sounds of your hard work and watching your farm grow, how can you not feel like the richest person in the world?


How To Earn Money

Now that we have established that we won't be the next Donald Trump with our hobby farm, we can discuss ways to earn money from your farm to bring in extra income. There are many ways to bring extra money into your home. Maybe you have a single income and want to earn a little extra or you want to work less away from home, or are considering retirement and need to make your farm work for you and bring in money to live day to day. No matter our reasons for wanting or needing extra money, we are in a wonderful position to earn money away from the rat race.

Use What You Have

We have so many opportunities with our hobby farm to create extra income without added work. If we raise livestock, we can use what we need for our family and sell any extra animals. We can sell anything extra that we produce with our own blood, sweat and tears and still have enough to continue our self-reliant sustainable lifestyle.


Extra Money In Your Barn

Sell fertile hatching eggs on Ebay or to local people in your area

Hatch your own fertile eggs and sell chicks

Sell eggs from your hens

Sell babies from larger livestock such as calves, piglets, goats and sheep

Raise and sell rabbits

Make extra compost to sell

Raise worms to sell for bait and composting.

Sell manure to gardeners

Offer stud services from your males

Raise fish such as tilapia or catfish in large tanks


Do You Have A Talent Or Skill?

If you have a special talent or skill and make things that you can sell, you can create a small niche business that can earn you extra money. Why not use your talent to help produce income? If you like to crochet in the evenings, make items that you can sell like hats and scarves.

Start an Etsy shop and sell handmade items

Sell quilts, crochet and knitted items from consignments or at local festivals

Sell items other crafters could use such as feathers, willow branches, dried grape vines or dried flowers

Sell items you make from your excess products like goats milk soaps and lotions and essential oils from herbs. Or herb infused vinegar or olive oil. You can even make and sell herbal teas.


There Is Money In The Garden!

There is a great financial opportunity in your garden. Grow a little extra produce when planting your garden and you have enough to sell at farmers markets or to sell from your own farm.

Consider growing cut flowers to bunch and sell during the summer season. Harvest and sell seeds from your plants. A lot of people are always in search for non-GMO heirloom seeds. Extra seedlings and plants, that don't get planted in your garden, can be a great source of extra money. People like buying healthy transplants for their own gardens.

If you like to bake and cook consider selling baked goods and jams and jellies made from your own berries or fruit trees.

Consider selling unique vegetables and food items to local chefs and restaurants that want specialty items. Plan and prepare farm to table dinners that locals can enjoy by visiting your farm and having a lovely meal with farm fresh foods.

Teach classes on the farm. You may have a great response to a cheese making class or a canning or jelly making class. What about teaching others to make soap or lotions? Others may be interested in learning about animal husbandry before buying their own.

You can also rent out space on your land. If you have large pastures, you can rent out pasture space to someone that needs room for a horse.

A Buck times a million!
A Buck times a million! | Source

You Can Do It!

There are many, many ways to produce income from a hobby farm just by doing what you already do every day. It just takes planning and some execution and you could be on your way to filling your piggy bank with money right away. But, remember money doesn't always make us rich. We can gain a lot of richness in life by being grateful for what we have and the opportunity we have to live the simple, sustainable life we have chosen to live. That in itself is worth a million bucks!


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    • jrpierce profile image

      Jaymie 3 years ago from Ellijay, Ga

      I agree Imogen French, I have to be content that I'm rich in happiness and loving my life on the farm rather than loads of money. I do love what we do!

    • Imogen French profile image

      Imogen French 3 years ago from Southwest England

      These are all great ideas. I have dabbled with a few - selling eggs, and vegetables and plants that we have grown, but only done it in my spare time to help with the cost of keeping chickens and growing our own food. These things are actually quite labour intensive if you are only doing them on a small scale, so it is unlikely that you will ever get rich - you just have to love doing it!

    • jrpierce profile image

      Jaymie 3 years ago from Ellijay, Ga

      That is awesome to hear! I am hoping to see those profits increase in coming years too. Thanks for adding in on the topic!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      We can do it and we are doing it. Maybe not getting rich on our urban farm, but we are making a profit and that profit will only increase in the coming years. Good advice here!