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Get Silver

Updated on October 6, 2012

Get Silver: Silver Bullion


As I discovered, getting silver is a great investment. As the US dollar continues to dwindle by the swindles of Ben Bernanke, silver's value stands to rise, and there will be an upcoming shortage due to aggressive competition from foreign investors, mostly the Chinese. If you're interested in sound investments, you should get silver immediately.

There are a few methods to get silver. The first, which I don't recommend, is to get paper stock versions called ETF's. The advantage of ETF's is they're very liquid and can be traded quickly. The disadvantage of ETF's is that they fly directly in the face of the unique reasons you wish to invest in silver. Trading paper money for another form of paper money is suspect at best. Besides, you want to keep your silver for as long as possible, just before the economic collapse hits it's epoch, so there's little reason to sacrifice security in the name of liquidity.

The best method of investing in silver is through silver bullion. The advantages of silver bullion is you have a physical precious metal right in front of you that carries real value and is recognized as legalized tender. Silver bullion is money. You can purchase silver bullion by buying it at a local bullion dealer or coin shop, or by buying it online at renowned sites like Northwest Territorial Mint, APMEX and Kitco. The disadvantage of silver bullion is it's vulnerability to theft. A person could break into your home and potentially take all your silver. Some banks still use the old fashion safety-deposit boxes to store your silver, but keep in mind, during WWII the US Federal government instituted a war tax by which they seized all goid/silver in safety deposit boxes and I wouldn't be surprised to see this happen again in the United States as well as other countries. Words of caution, make sure when you buy silver bullion that it's well hidden and please keep a low profile that you're storing silver bullion. The world doesn't need to know you're storing silver bullion and it's best to keep your exploits a secret amongst yourself.

-Donovan D. Westhaver


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