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Getting Started with a Blog to Make Money

Updated on January 28, 2014
Organize your ideas
Organize your ideas

Get Organized

You've wondered for a long time how people are making money online with their blogs. You've questioned how writing a blog generates an income that allows them to completely work from home. Even more so you've asked how you could get started doing the same thing. Well, maybe I can help with that.

The simple answer is: You'll make money creating quality content and through the use of affiliate ads. Keep reading ....

There's more to blogging than just writing down your opinions and then posting them online. The steps listed here are to help you create content which generates traffic that essentially creates an income for you.

You see, the first thing you must realize is, the people making money online didn't get there overnight. It took some work. They didn't wake up one morning and tell themselves I think I'll quit my job and start writing a blog. Unfortunately not one blogger was able to start out that way. (If you're ready to get started with a blog, start here.)

The first thing I personally did before starting my blog was organize my thoughts. I determined what I would want to write about, I wrote out a list of titles I'd want to turn into a post and I created a schedule for myself.

The list should never stop growing. I recommend carrying a journal around to keep your thoughts in. The next time you are sitting in the doctor's office or waiting to pick kids up from school; you may be surprised to find personal experiences make the best topics.

Map out the direction you want to go with your blog
Map out the direction you want to go with your blog

What is Your Niche?

Map out the direction you want your blog to take. What will you be an expert on?

You are already ahead of the pack if you know exactly what you want to write about. If you have a niche already in place then you'll just start pumping out posts on that topic.

Give specific instructions, include pictures and video to increase traffic and sound professional in what you write.

This will generate an income for you because chances are like minded people are searching for the information you are writing about.

Get Started Blogging
Get Started Blogging

Follow Others

The best way to learn the ropes is to read posts by other bloggers that have already developed a following. If you are fortunate enough, find a mentor.

Now, don't get discouraged if some don't want to help you out, afterall, you are coming in wet behind the ears into their territory. Move on, ask someone else. People like me like to see others succeed so there has to be more than me out there to help you along your journey.

Simply following them won't create you an income but it will show you what they are doing to succeed.

Think of it as an internship into the blogging world.

What are they doing on their blog? How are they organized? Is the set up of the page easy to follow? Etc.

I'm not saying go out there and copycat someone else's blog, the point is for your blog to be original but maybe you'll find some tips to improve your chances of getting traffic.

Create Content

This is your money maker right here; content.

Without content, what makes you any different from the next blog? The goal is to get them to come back more than once and the way to do that is to ensure you are writing about something people want to know about.

One way of ensuring they won't come back is by directing them to a page that is clearly nothing more than a bunch of ads with a sentence or two on the topic the user is searching for.

Content isn't just about what you have to say on the topic you are currently writing about, it's also about making sure links work, utilize spell check and don't plagiarise. Anytime you reference someone else's work make sure you are giving them credit. A sure fire way to get kicked off any blogging site is to use another person's work without citing them.

Using pictures and video is like putting gas in the tank
Using pictures and video is like putting gas in the tank

Use Ads (Sparingly)

Using ads are just as important as content when it comes to generating an income through your blog. That's with the use of affiliate ads and revenue sharing links.

Basically, you'll make money from your blog through the ads that are placed on the page.

Use Pictures and Video

Another aspect of content would be pictures and videos. In this interactive world you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not including them.

Readers love pictures that explain what they are reading and even more so they love videos. Maybe it makes the reader feel connected to the blogger, I don't really know, but it has been proven that including video can help increase your traffic in the search engines.

Write Everyday

Once you've created a self-sustaining blog you'll be able to take time off while the system still makes you money but to start with, write every single day. This is my best piece of advice. How else will you become a pro? It takes practice.

You'll learn what is working for you and what is not but unless you are posting everyday there will be no way to track the successful blogs.

Track your traffic for each post. Where is it coming from? Once you find that out, post your blog links there more often.

For instance, use every social network you are signed up on to promote your blog. This is key to your success anyway because if you rely on the search engines to draw traffic to your site, you'll be facing a huge disappointment. Think about how many blogs are online and how many the search engines are crawling daily. There is no way to ensure your blog will land at the top of the search pages unless you are writing.

I told you, success doesn't come overnight and you will have to work for what you want. But in the long run, a blog is a great way to create residual income.

Just remember ... "No one ever made it to the top by sitting on their bottom." ~ S. Spence

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    • vinayak1000 profile image


      5 years ago from Minneapolis

      Voted this up and Useful!

    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 

      5 years ago from Cardiff

      I guess what I am saying is I understand, that getting higher views will help make more money. But just starting a blog and writing wont actually make money, you havent made it clear that you actually need to add some advertising, you havent explained adding ad sense or other ad revenue sahring sites. I'm a long term blogger anyway so this isn't for my own knowledge. I just think if others land on your page you don't actually explain how to make money, you just say how you can help increase earnings. Some people who start blogs know nothing about adsense and affiliate programmes, I think it would help to add info about them also.

    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 

      5 years ago from Cardiff

      Great advise on starting and actually writing a blog, but you haven't actually explained how to make money like your title suggests. 'With Ad's' is all good, but you havent told anyone how you actually get ads, do you mean ad sense ads or another way?


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