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Get ready for college-A guide for financial aid

Updated on August 23, 2008

Get ready for college

I am sending my oldest daughter to college this year. It has been a long road to this point and not to mention emotional. I was extremely lucky to have a lot of friends that have already sent their children off to college and they helped answered a lot of questions for me. First of all how am I am going to afford this. Well here is a checklist of things that will help.

1. Fill out a FAFSA report. Even if you think you make too much money, it could be very worth your time to do this. FAFSA is a great way to get grants, and it lets your school know what you might qualify for. I will place the link below.

2. Take the ACT or Sat as many times as possible. Alot of Colleges and Universities look at this.The earlier you can start, the better. You might have a few not so good scores, after all everyone is entitled to a bad day, and then you might get a few really good scores.

3. Apply, apply, apply. Make sure that you apply for every scholarship you can. Yes, this may become a full time job for a year, but it is well worth it. There might be things that you didn't think you qualify for but do. Many times scholarships go to people who have a higher income because the person with the lower income did not apply, or maybe somebody forgot to sign it or who knows.

4. Pay attention. Make sure and check your application and check it again. A little mistake can cost you big.

5. Make sure and check with your local organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, Elks Lodge, Rotary Club, and local businesses. Alot of these organizations do give scholarships, people just have to ask.

6. Check with your State Regents. Many states now offer programs for children with a low income thast pays for tuition for any state college or university for children who's parents income are less than a certain amount. I know that Oklahoma has this program for children who's parents earn less than 50,000 a year. All they have to do to qualify is to register in the eigth or ninth grade, keep a C grade average (yes that's a C average) and stay out of trouble. What a great deal!

7. Consult your school counselor, That is their job. They have many resources. They can usually answer most of your questions about financial aid and should have access to applications for many local, state and school scholarships.

I hope this helps, these are just a few basic steps to help you succeed in becoming a college student.


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