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Get rich quick Roulette system?

Updated on June 6, 2010



Give yourself a substantial second income!

You are about to learn how to make real money on the internet!




 . . . Ok, ok, ok, you now have my full attention!

Tell me more!                             


OK, now let’s take a reality check . . .

Age old adage states: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is!

This well known proverb has been around for far longer than before the internet was even conceived, let alone became a reality. Indeed, as far back as my early childhood, I can recall hearing many people utter these famous words-of-warning.

Sadly, this caution is as pertinent today as it has ever been.

Astonishingly, despite our arrival at the year 2010, this simple commonsensical sentiment-of-wisdom still shows no sign of ever being consigned to the annuals of yesteryear courtesy of humankind’s technological and moralistic advancement.

Did I really just cite humankind’s ‘moralistic’ advancement?

With the inauguration of the revolutionary W.W.W dawned a whole new chapter in the art of deceit – a new methodology for the heartless common conman to take advantage of his less fortunate, often desperate and vulnerable, fellow human being.

Even now, as you read this Hub, scores of new sites – many copycat – are emerging from the shadows to offer you that same old promise of instant effortless prosperity.

If these money-making systems are so successful, why are those individuals concerned, so eager to share their brilliance with you?

Did I mention a fee?

A tribute?

A small donation to my paypal account?

. . . only a nominal one, you understand,

entirely to cover my overheads.

During these past months, I have been actively investigating and trialling the widely-publicized roulette system.

Akin to many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of eager punters before me, each looking for that elusive fast buck, I too found the allure of these well-presented, often incredibly convincing claims, too good an opportunity to pass by.

I quickly discovered several variations of this astoundingly simple system, which required the punter to merely stake on the outside bets of a casino roulette wheel.

Commencing with a small £1 bet, the eager opportunity seeker is required to select any colour – for arguments sake we’ll say black. Upon losing, the idea is to keep doubling up on your stake until the selected colour wins.

IE: £1 - £2 - £4 - £8 - £16 . . . ETC, ETC.

Upon a win, the stake immediately reverts to £1. At this point, but depending upon which source you received this wonderful money-making information, you should either switch your colour, or else remain backing the same one.

What could be simpler?

Take a good look at the chart below. One enlightened vendor of this instant money-spinner – hope you will pardon the pun – even goes so far as setting out a percentage chart for you.

Observe: just a tiny .5% chance of a losing run ever lasting for a whole 9 spins!

Indeed, given the fact that only 2 colours exist on a roulette wheel – disregarding the single green zero slot, of course – it becomes clear to see how convincingly believable these odds truly are. After all, given the law-of-average, if we toss a coin we would expect the incidence of heads and tails to be pretty much on a par. Wouldn’t we?

Spin: one. . .two . . three. . four . . five . . . six . . seven . eight . . . nine

Stake: £1 . . .£2 . . . £4 . . . . .£8 . . . .£16. . . . £32 . . £64 . . . £128 . . . .£256

Odds%: ------51.3%  26.4%   13.5%     6.9%     3.6%     1.8%     0.9%        0.5%

However! What these collective morons consistently fail to mention, is the fact that ALL casino games are synchronized by a central computer!

Simply put: you do not get a random spin of the wheel at all! What you obtain is a pre-determined number drawn by a micro processor!

Were this not the case, how then, is it possible for you to skip the animation completely – the spinning of the roulette wheel – in favour of having your coloured numbers instantly appear on screen?

At this point, I think it is important for me to emphasise that this editorial is in no way intended as an attack upon the casinos. A point I am happy to further clarify towards the end of this article.

Referring back to our illustrated run of 9 losing spins . . .

I would like to reaffirm that I tested this system in numerous online casinos.

Take a good look at the following, rude-awakening, sequence that I personally recorded during my thorough investigation. Consider my results against the backdrop of the aforementioned percentage chart . . . and also the accepted law-of-averages.

This sequence occurred subsequent to a preliminary winning run. I was currently backing the colour black. Needless to say, at this point I was not doubling my stake!

RED30 – RED30 – RED23 – GREEN ZERO – RED30 – RED30 – RED7

Ask yourself this: what are the odds of landing on (red30) 4 times from 7 spins?

Furthermore, in the above percentage chart, the prospective punter is almost assured that 9 consecutive losing spins are practically impossible to achieve.

Well, the sobering truth is, our casino central processor almost guarantees that not only is this run of 9 easily achievable, but, in fact, it is well capable of regularly producing even longer losing runs!

During one session, in which I was currently backing red, I received a run of 12 consecutive blacks!

Had I not possessed the wisdom to level my stake, as opposed to doubling, I would have been required to stake £2048 in order to win a profit of just £1.

Of course, all casinos have maximum limits in place, and so I could never have staked this amount even had I sought to. However, I do hope that by now, the readers of this article can clearly see that the acclaimed roulette system, in common with most other make-money-quick schemes, will only ever end one way – a worsening hole in your finances! Your pride will also take a further knock should you unwittingly part with good money, at the outset, to gain this worthless information.

Earlier, I stated that this article is in no way intended as an attack on the integrity of casinos. My personal opinion is that these institutions provide a much needed outlet for the common punter to enjoy a flutter. Whether your passion is bingo; slots; horse racing; the lottery . . . or, indeed, our featured casino roulette wheel, one should always keep in mind that these activities remain forms of gambling.

By all means enter the online casinos and enjoy the many games on offer. But always remember to remain within your budget.

The obvious advice is clear:

Only ever stake what you can comfortably afford to lose!

Never chase losing runs – doubling up in an attempt to win your money back!

Having a flutter is supposed to be fun. If you are not enjoying the experience, it is time to quit before doing something you may later regret!


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      i had lost quite some money, but became so wise that now everytime i play im sure to win, coz the moment i play for eg. $100 & make just double may be in a few seconds or minutes, i get up & call it quits, but if u still continue to b greedy, u wil end penniless

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I just wanted to add, that even with the computer generating truly random numbers like flipping the coin, you will lose for sure. Even that tiny 0.5% chance of getting 8 consecutive unfavorable rounds, will happen often enough, if you play long enough. The computer doesn''t have to favor the house at all, simple statistics/probability are against you.

    • profile image

      just lost it 

      4 years ago

      well, I consider myself pretty smart, I've only lost 4 games of chess out of hundreds, im pretty lucky as well. Needles to say I got these one color runs of over 15 spins, multiple times, every time I started to win big. I bet that not only are the odds in favor of the house, the programs actually only does these over 8 one color runs when you are actually betting.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      EARN 4000$ IN 30 DAYS! ;)

    • casperquids profile image

      David Pinkney 

      8 years ago from England

      Hello, just want to say really good hub, the best system i have found for Roulette was made by my mate, he has done an e-book on it. There is no way you will win on every spin but that system he talks about is good, i have used it a few times, the most i won on it was $800.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great article on the double up strategy. ive crunched a few numbers myself and truth is if you play for a large amount of spins probability dictates that one of these unlucky single colour streaks is bound to come out this is not to say this strategy is completely useless i also have tested this strategy and actually made a £1000 profit needless to say i was overjoyed but to get to that £1000 i had to stake £640 at one point and as you can imagine my heart was futtering the rush was great but in einsight if i had lost that bet i would have been devastated im happily taking profit with this strategy but in future im gunna cut my losses as soon as the double up reaches above £100 that way i can better judge when to walk away

      thank you


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