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Get the Most Out of Your Housewarming Party

Updated on February 18, 2017
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Get the Most Out of Your Housewarming Party

Congratulations on your new home! You now have the opportunity to plan your housewarming extravaganza. Purchasing a house is a long, complicated endeavor, especially when it’s your first home. Housewarming parties allow you to celebrate the achievement with acquaintances, friends and family. Guests are usually inclined to bring a gift or drop off some much-needed cash. Either way, you are responsible for setting up your new home, entertaining guests for the occasion and most of all making your guest feel as welcomed and comfortable as possible. If your guests are happy, you will be happy too because happy individuals usually tend to splurge (spend excessively) on their source of happiness.

Here are a few guidelines and tips to ensure a spectacular event for your housewarming. Again, keep in mind that housewarming parties can be a great opportunity to receive extra cash for your new home. Use those funds to make any immediate repairs in the house, purchase the lush furniture you always wanted to decorate your home, pay off some utility bills for the next few months or pay down your mortgage balance. You can turn your housewarming event into a personal fundraising endeavor.

Fall Themed Housewarming Party - Indoors and Outdoors
Fall Themed Housewarming Party - Indoors and Outdoors
Disco Housewarming Party
Disco Housewarming Party
Under the Sea Themed Housewarming Party
Under the Sea Themed Housewarming Party
1920s Themed Housewarming Party
1920s Themed Housewarming Party

Guidelines for Planning Your Housewarming Party

1. Select a Type of Event. When you are contemplating the details of the event, let the type of event guide those details. In other words, if your event is a black-tie gala, for example, be certain to plan and arrange all other aspects or details of this event in accordance with a black-tie gala. You may want to hire a suited valet (a family member) for guest parking, for example. If the event is a small get-together with only family members, for example, then feel free to cater the details of the event around features that will be most interesting to your family, its culture, tradition and heritage. Particular dress for the evening or ceremonies, for example. Themed events, such as a 1970s dance mix or a Christmas dinner, will direct all aspects of the event as well – from fashion, to music, decorations, dress and the food. The type of event should also be planned in accordance with the seasons. Themed events tend to be much more entertaining. Depending on the theme of the event, you may be able to increase the quantity and quality of gifts – including monetary gifts.

2. Schedule the Date. Be certain to schedule the event on a day and time that will be convenient for most of your anticipated guests. Individuals can be quite busy these days with working overtime, taking care of children or parents, running errands, etc. Since you know all or most of the attendees for your event, be sure to take their schedules into consideration as well. After all, you do expect them to show up for the occasion. Usually, individuals will not have begun vacationing in early spring. Fall housewarmings are also pleasant. Spring and fall housewarmings tend to be the most financially-rewarding because many individuals associate with the troubles of past or upcoming winter weather. Housewarmings around Christmas, a birthday or New Year’s day will almost guarantee a windfall of gifts. Some individuals still may not be able to attend your housewarming, but that is okay. Offer those individuals the opportunity to deliver or mail any gifts or envelopes to your new home address. Housewarmings are usually an hour or two in duration, depending on the length of the agenda. If the housewarming begins at a later time (i.e. 8pm), it may not be prudent to have a lengthy agenda for the event.

Types of Housewarming Invitations

Creative Housewarming Invitations
Creative Housewarming Invitations

What kind of household items do you prefer receiving as gifts from your housewarming party?

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Online Housewarming Registry
Online Housewarming Registry

3. List the Attendees. Take some time to make a list of all possible attendees. Aside from your family and friends, you may consider inviting: coworkers, college friends, religious associates, business associates, other acquaintances and especially your neighbors. Keep in mind that all attendees should be able to fit within the designated room in your house for the event. Assigned seating may assist. While tempting, it is not recommended to charge your guests to attend your housewarming, bringing gifts and cash as well. Be certain to leave space for walking, dancing, meet and greet, presenting, etc., within the designated room for the event as well. Also, be certain that you already have or can access seating furniture for your guests. Party rental vendors are available to rent seating and other furniture to you for the occasion. When you have established your list of attendees, you can now send them invitations by mail, email or social media. Consider using creative types of invitations as these tend to build excitement for your event, such as singing invitations, poems, video invitations, etc. Feel free to use sites such as to create personalized invitations. Invitations should include: a) your announcement of the housewarming party, including if it is a themed event; b) the complete schedule for the event, including the agenda if possible; c) the complete address and mailing address for your new home; d) registry and gift information; e) RSVP information, and; f) a sincere “Thank You” at the end of the invitation. To maximize financial gifts from your housewarming be certain to include a return envelope specifying for such gifts, complete with return address and stamp. Attendees will appreciate the convenience and become more inclined to give.

4. Setup a Registry. Many of your guests will prefer having an idea of what to buy for your new home. This is where having a registry with all of your items preselected can come in handy. Guests can simply purchase from the remaining items on your registry. Consider a decent combination of expensive and inexpensive gift for your registry. Usually registry information is indicated within the invitations sent. Consider offering guests the opportunity to gift in the form of cash, gift cards, checks and money orders as well. If you prefer monetary gifts, be certain to indicate this clearly, including the preferred denomination of money, within your invitation as well. Common furniture and home product registries include: Target, Macy’s, Sears, Raymour and Flanigan, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. To setup a registry, it is recommended that you stop by the store to select the items for your registry. In this way, you can be very specific and immediately ask any questions regarding customization, specifications or delivery. Some of these stores may permit you to complete your registry setup on their website. Keep in mind that large furniture on your registry, such as a sofa, fridge, bed, etc., should be delivered on separate day from your housewarming party.

Housewarming Entertainment

Pirate Karaoke
Pirate Karaoke

5. Entertainment. Your entertainment should likewise follow any theme for the housewarming party. For example, Thanksgiving Day events may allow attendees to one-by-one inform what they are most thankful for. As guests are arriving to your housewarming, introduce guests to each other if time permits. Consider allowing guests to make comments or presentations throughout the event. Video presentations made prior to the event and possibly from those absent are very entertaining. Video collages are always interesting. Make several types of games available to guests as applicable. Be certain to take many pictures throughout the event! Videography is also possible. Your guests may be interested in hearing about your story behind obtaining the house, since there is always one of those. Feel free to offer tips on home buying. Allow for tons of music. Perhaps acknowledge attendees who substantially contributed. Some individuals may choose to dance. Performances, such as instrumentals, comedy, poetry, song, dance, or even theatre, are great for entertaining. Documentaries or movies along the line of your theme or on the topic of house or home may be suitable. Consider a roast by family members or close friends, which can lighten any atmosphere. Maintain an environment of laughter, fun and joy. Don’t forget to make toasts throughout your celebration!

6. Preparation and Decorating. When you are preparing for your housewarming party, always begin by giving your new home a thorough cleaning. Painting the walls and waxing the floors may be necessary. Consider getting help for preparing the entire house from family members and friends. Be prepared to provide tours of your new home with your guests at the event. You can move around furniture to make space for sufficient seating and entertainment. Your seating arrangements should facilitate any entertainment you have planned for the event. Consider placing return envelopes on the seats just in case someone forgot to bring a gift. Feel free to decorate any tables within the designated room for the event with glued-down or secured, mini piggy banks to make a gesture. After you have satisfied your seating needs, you can begin decorating your home for the event. Be certain to select decorations in accordance with any themes you have selected toward building the authenticity of the experience. Consider decorations for the walls, furniture, ceiling and floor of the designated room for the event. While you do not need to decorate every room in the house, decorating the entire house is also an option for you.

Arrange an elegant full-course buffet
Arrange an elegant full-course buffet

7. Food. Food is perhaps one of the most important features of your gathering. If you are hosting a themed housewarming party, be certain that the food you are providing is in alignment with the overall them of the event. For example, if you are having a Memorial Day bash, then you may consider barbequing outdoors and offering cool drinks. Black-tie events usually serve gourmet cuisine with hors d’oeuvres. Whether you are cooking, getting assistance cooking or catering the event, it is recommended that you offer a full-course meal: appetizer, main course, and dessert all with continuous drinks. Food that is not consumed during the event can be offered to guest when they are leaving or kept refrigerated for dinner over the next one or two days. While some attendees may forget everything else about the event, they will never forget the food.

8. The Day of Your Housewarming. As with preparations for any event, you will be thrilled and excited when the day for your housewarming arrives. As guests arrive, instruct them where gifts should be placed and towards the seating area. Be certain to greet all attendees. Setup a safe place to collect all monetary gifts or collect these in-hand. Start your event on time. Regardless if it is raining or if there are hiccups along the way, be positive and embrace the moment. Others guests will more likely trickle in after the commencement of the agenda. Start by welcoming the guests overall, thanking them for attending and honoring you with gifts. Allow soft music to play while your guests settle into seats for the remainder of the event. Once everyone is seated and you have their undivided attention, you can now proceed with your agenda as planned. Anticipate a fun and exciting event filled with laughter and encouragement. Consider providing little souvenirs upon the conclusion of the event if affordable. At the end of your event, don’t forget to thank your guest for attending.

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The Day of  Your Housewarming Party has Arrived!
The Day of Your Housewarming Party has Arrived!


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    • Miss Info profile imageAUTHOR

      Miss Info 

      4 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Eiddwen! Housewarming parties are great, but out-of-this-world housewarming parties are even better!

    • Eiddwen profile image


      4 years ago from Wales

      Anyone thinking of having that housewarming party should read this gem. great work and voted up.



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