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Finding cheap textbooks

Updated on April 3, 2013

Where do you purchase your textbooks?

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Cheap Textbooks

As many college students know—buying textbooks can be a hassle. Many of the required textbooks can be expensive but, there are many ways to save money. Places like Ebay, Amazon, and E-books can keep a little bit of money in your pockets. Many schools have bookstores which you can purchase required textbooks for the semester but, sometime you can find the books ways cheaper elsewhere. Many teachers will request for you to purchase newer versions of textbook. Not only are they more expensive but they are also similar to the later version of the textbooks, just a few word changes and added information. So you should research the difference between the later version and the newer version of the textbooks, to see if you really need to purchase the newer version. With a little research you will be on your way to saving on your textbooks!


  • Look for coupons
  • Buy used books
  • Purchase E-book
  • Rent textbooks
  • Buy later versions


With many textbook sites you can find deals, or coupons online. By simply googling textbook coupons, you can find varies sites that will offer you a discount. One of my favorite sites to find a discount on is There are many more sites out there that can give you a discount on many of your textbooks.

Used books

Sites like Amazon, eBay, and can provide you will used books, even though used most of them still are in good conditions. These books are half the price for what you would pay for a new book. Also used books in your school bookstore can be cheap also, but I would search online first and compare the prices.

Do you like e-book textbooks?

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Ebooks are becoming very popular amongst college students. Not only are they environment friendly, they are also accessible on varies devices. These times, are the times of technology. With tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. there are many way to a obtain your textbooks on theses devices. Not all textbooks are in ebook format but, if you can find them it will save you money.

Rent textbooks

Renting textbooks has been the cheapest way I have bought my textbooks. You can rent the book for the amount of time needed, and return the book. This works for e-books and regular textbooks. Coursesmart, and eCampus are two good sites. As I've said before there are many more sites out there but those are the one I have experience with.

Sell your textbook

At the end of the semester you can have the option to sell back your books. This is a way to make back a little bit of extra money. If the book is in good condition or used you can find many places who'll buy back your books.

There's a website called bookscouter. All you have to do is provide your textbook ISBN and, the site with compare many sites that will buy your book back. I love site because you can see which site will give youths most for your books. Even though its not a lot of money, it will help you get rid of your books and give you a little money.


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