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Getting 800 FICO Credit Score

Updated on June 29, 2011

800 Score Is Possible

In this short review you are going to learn how these people have archived what others do not even dream about. How To get 800 credit score is something that may help you with most of your personal financial goals.

People holding three credit reports with 800 FICO score on them, will get the home mortgage with the lowest rates in the country, and had an easy mortgage shopping experience. When '800 club' are shopping to refinancing their mortgage all the lenders where begging them to become their customers!

Working your way to a 800 FICO score means to give up on things you might never thought you could live without, and learn new things about what you really NEED in life.

People today are so customized to buying and buying, that they have forgotten that most of the things we buy, we do not really need. We spend all our free cash on buying instead of leveraging our money like real investors.

When real investors make $1000 they do not run and spend it on a shopping trip, they invest the $1000 back in places these will make a higher revenue. they do it enough times until they have so much cash flow that they can buy what ever they want.

Regular people work and get paid, then they pay expenses, and with the little free cash left on their hands, they... run on a shopping trip. Buying new Nike shoes, new car, new HDTV and other things they 'think' they need at the moment.

  • Because they pay it all with credit cards, they allow themselves to buy stuff just above their limit.
  • And these funds add up to a large credit debt.
  • Which they sometime are late to pay, so they have a lower credit score, with some negative items on their FICO report.
  • So they get higher rates,
  • And higher mortgage payments.
  • Which add to their never-ending expenses..
  • Which eats out their free cash.
  • Which make them buy more things on their credit cards..

So the first step to getting your credit repoet to the round 800 score, is to think before you buy. "Do I NEED this or DO I WANT this?", once you buy only things you need (food) and less things you want (branded goods), you are soon to get on the highway to the 800 score.


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