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Getting Scammed Stinks!!

Updated on August 20, 2014

Save your money!!

Are you tired of getting scammed???? How about getting the truth for a change!!!! I know I’ve been scammed so many times my butt hurts. Sorry about the language just telling how it feels. I can recall days where I would sit for hours upon hours at my computer very excited about some of the emails or ads I received and wondered are these things for real?

Needing money to help pay bills, buy food, or buy medications and hoping a small investment would pay off is everyone’s dream. We’ve all prayed hoping just one time that what we were buying into was not a scam or better said, a blatant outright LIE!!! How much money have you lost from scams or outright lies?

The most recent one for me was about posting links and getting paid $ 15.00 to post a link. Here is what the ad said:

You see, there are millions of links posted by home business owners every year, and companies need tons of people to process them! Companies do not post links themselves. They would have to buy new buildings and hire and house thousands of new employees to do that.

Instead, they know anyone of any age and background can do this from home with no over heads because it is so simple and easy, and anyone can learn to do it themselves in an afternoon and begin immediately with no training. And it can be done from anywhere. Therefore, companies obviously much prefer to have people posting the links, independently, from their own home.

And even though it is so simple and easy (I will show you the three easy steps to post a link shortly) ...And can be done from home... The money is still great because of the huge volume that can be created from just one link!

Put it this way: To post one link takes between 3 to 4 minutes. To be conservative, let's say it takes 4 minutes. Well, if you post one link every 4 minutes, and you do that for 60 minutes, that amounts to 15 links in just 60 minutes. And the average amount you make per link posted is $15.

Let's do the math: 15 links for $15 each equals $225. That's $225 for 60 minutes of work! If you do this five days a week, you can make $1125 a week... $4500 a month... and $58500 a year! And that's just 1 hour a day, I do at least 3 hours per day Monday to Friday keeping the weekends to myself.

And you can work as little or as much as you want! It doesn't matter. I personally now work about 4 hours a day, and that's because I really enjoy it and I like to make a very big income so I can go overboard with providing for my family. It all depends on how much money you want to make.

I was so desperate to make money I bought this program. My only vehicle is dangerous to drive, my medication cost had doubled, the floors in my house are sinking, my roof was leaking, and my heating & air unit went out. I needed to make some extra money fast, I was not even worried about getting rich, I just needed to survive.

After watching the videos and reading over the ad ten times, this program sounded legit. I was ready to start posting links and making money right away, just like the ad stated.

Once I paid the fee for the program I got my email, username and password. I thought this is great, I can start posting links within the hour and start making money right away. To my surprise when I went to the website and logged in, it was not what I expected. It told me I was going to go through some type of an academy to learn about how to make money. I thought ok, I can handle this. So, I started going through the courses and watching the videos. It took me three days to finish all the courses. If I had done everything they wanted me to it would have taken me three weeks to finish the course.

At the end of three days I was very frustrated and becoming angry. There was nothing that indicated where I was going to be able to go and find links to be posted and get paid for just posting them, not waiting for a sale to get a commission. After reviewing the ad again I called the company and requested to know where the links were that I could post and make money. They said they were on the page with the last lesson.

After a short pause I told the operator I had searched many of the sites and there was none that said I would get paid for posting. He said there are some on there, and they do pay you. I told him I was not seeing anything remotely close to getting paid for just posting links. I read the ad to him again about getting $ 15.00 per posting, he then informed me that $ 15.00 was the highest someone would get for posting links. The average was around 50 cents. WHAT, I said 50 cents????? I said that is nowhere near $ 15.00!!! I told him how in the world can I make money getting 50 cents for posting a link.

Again, I asked him to be more specific about where I could find the sites that I could get paid to post links. He again said they are on there. So, I started going through the links. What I found was making me very angry and humiliated for letting myself be scammed again. I found several sites that I could post for, however I would only receive money if sales were derived from someone clicking on my post on a website and making a purchase from the companies’ website.

In the course it talked about using social media for posting links, however almost every company I found stated you had to apply for permission to post their links on social media sites. Some even stated you were not allowed to post their links on social media sites. STRIKE TWO in the opportunities field for making money using the social media platform in the way this course was teaching.

After adding up a few things it has come to a reality that these people and companies are making their big money not from what they are telling us to do, but simply from the consumer that purchases their “Making Money Package”. This one ad stated they had sold more than 1100 packages to people just like me, well I added that up. At $ 97.00 a person they made a whopping
$ 106,700.00 simply off selling this scam to people.

That’s just the 1100 people that took a chance then, who knows how many other poor souls like me purchased this scam package of making money by posting links. I was just hoping to make some extra money; I did not even care about getting rich and becoming a millionaire.

So, after a few months I tried what this company said would work and believe it or not IT DID NOT WORK!!!! I earned a whopping 32 cents!! Yes, 32 cents after doing this program for two months. Shame on me for dropping my guard and letting my emotions get the best of me. These people are making their money off the sale of their programs, not what they are preaching their program can do for the unlucky sucker like me!!!

DON’T BE A SUCKER LIKE ME!!! Do not pay these people a dime no matter how great it sounds and how much they promise you will make, and please don’t believe the MONEY BACK GUARENTEE. If you are thinking about paying for one of these programs then I ask you send a few of your hard earned dollars my way if you are going to throw it away.

I hope this helps save your hard earned dollars and keeps these people out there from getting rich from people like us that are just trying to get a break in life.

The Wise Man!!!


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    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 2 years ago from Texas

      Buford, thank you for this valuable information. I hope you get your money back.

      Blessings my friend.