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Buy Food Coupon Potlucks

Updated on January 20, 2011

One of the biggest challenges when starting to clip coupons is gathering enough money saving coupons to make using them during a shopping trip really worth it. You can see many success stories on coupons sites. Coupon shoppers who used coupons on almost every item they bought, saving them sometimes 80% or more off their grocery bill. Some coupon shoppers plan out their shopping trip and gather the coupons necessary so well that they end up leaving the store with bags and bags full of groceries but have only spent $15 to $20.

Where do they get all these coupons? The hobby couponer doesn't use just one source for gathering coupons. They use many. They trade coupons on coupon message board websites, they write to companies to get free grocery coupons, they gather 10+ sunday coupon inserts, dumpster diving, picking them up whenever they see them on store shelves, etc.

coupon potlucks save money
coupon potlucks save money

Buying Coupon Potlucks

I am a coupon user, but only infrequently. I have a habit of getting really into the coupon clipping hobby it for a few months and then stop using for awhile. I've found the easiest way for me to get back into the coupon clipping hobby each time is to trade or buy coupon potlucks in amounts of 50, 100, 150 coupons. A coupon potluck is an envelope filled with a certain number of coupons, but that are none specific. I sometimes request that they be all food, or all cleaning product coupons. I always ask that there be no more then 2 of the same coupon and I sometimes have to pay extra even to get them narrowed down to this.

People create coupon potlucks using the hundreds of extras they have that they can not use, and that may not be tradable on their own. Yes, coupon trading is a big hobby for some and people will trade with and for coupons.

What the coupon clipper new to frugal couponing needs to know is that just because a money saving coupon has been thrown in a potluck, doesn't mean its not useable or that its for a junk product. Everyone has different shopping habits and what one coupon clipper may think is not worth anything, that stack of $.50 and $1 off money saving coupons may add up to some big savings.

How Much To Pay.

If your buying coupon potlucks on sites such as Ebay, or answering a trade for a coupon potluck, you are pretty much just taking what you can get.

If you make your own post and ask for coupon potlucks, you can specify if you want food and cleaning products only, no more then 2 of each, ect. Just keep in mind that the more specific you want your coupon potluck to be, the more you will have to pay.

The going rate for coupon potlucks change. Keep an eye on a handful of potluck coupons ebay auctions and what the coupon potlucks are going for there, then adjust how much you are willing to pay or trade for by those numbers.

I generally use paypal when trading and I always consider the cost of the persons postage in my price I'm willing to pay.


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