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Getting Updated With Current Mortgage Rates

Updated on September 19, 2011
Mortgage Rates
Mortgage Rates

Current Mortgage Rates

Being acquainted with current mortgage rates is an important aspect as you move one step closer to the dream of being a proud owner of a home. With the challenges faced by the global economy, competition is getting vicious and hard-hitting;hence, one needs a survival kit to make it. Such laws govern current mortgage rates, interest peaks, stock market and making the right business decisions.

Future Home Owners

As future home owners, it is always a must to learn the constantly fluctuating current mortgage rates. Most people work very hard indeed to attain one’s life goal which is frequently top billed with home ownership. Rather than doing it the traditional way of saving and owning later, lending companies and banking institutions can help one to own up a home easily and then pay later through bank loans. Such is a perfect arrangement, yet prospective borrowers must be cautious as there could be hidden charges that may leave one battling with huge add-ons later.

Mortgage Rates Guide

In this kind of scenario, how can one survive without being preyed on by vultures in the lending industry? In simple words, what can one do to be safe from possible catches and common pitfalls? Being cognizant of the current mortgage rates would of course, be the best protection. Here are some important points to consider:

Home Equity Loans

Home Equity Loans – are loans that may offer 10 or 15-year brackets. Mortgage rates of about 6.89% with a trending change of about -0.13% is attached to ten year brackets. As for the 15-year bracket, the mortgage rate is approximately 7.01% and the trending change is -0.10%. So one could definitely see the difference between both brackets in the trending changes like fluctuation being more likely in longer brackets.

Fixed Loans

Fixed Loans –are not expected to suffer from fluctuations; hence a stable and consistent system for repayments can be done and projected. For 15-year fixed loans, the mortgage rate is around 3.52% while the fixed changes would be 0.022%. On the other hand, for 30-year fixed loans, there is an approximately 4.31% mortgage and fixed changes of 0.016%.

An easy home ownership scheme is what the banking industry offers to borrowers. Prospective home owners need to understand the basics of bank interests and mortgages so as not to give predators the chance to con them.


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