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Glenn Beck: A Shill For All Seasons! What Won't He Sell?

Updated on October 21, 2010

From Gold To Food! What Next?

First Glenn Beck was touting the advantages of gold investment. The lawsuit filed against Goldline and the insistence of his bosses at Fox News forced him to stop shilling for Goldline, so now the 'Beckster' has decided that every American needs survival food supplies. Not only is survival of utmost importance, high end survival is necessary. Lasagna and beef stroganoff should be the food of choice after a disaster. Earthquake, flood, nuclear attack, any one of these not only could happen at any time, but if you are not prepared for an emergency, they will all happen to you at the same time, according to Beck the Shill.

Disaster preparedness! Now Glenn is trying to sell you food. That must be as necessary and valuable as the over-priced gold that millions of fans invested in at his urging. Beck urges his viewers to go to and save themselves and their families with emergency food supplies. I urge you to check out the site. Amazing!

Starting at just $199.95, you can get a backpack just like Glenn's, that has a 2 week supply of gourmet freeze dried food that is guaranteed to last 25 years! Gourmet freeze dried food sounds wonderful! Just add water and the "food comes to life!" That backpack and the supplies in it will keep you alive in style! If you think you might need to feed more than one person, they have special deals available for your entire family.

The budget friendly prices are reasonable, according to the reformed alcoholic. A family of five could each eat 3 entrees per day for 90 days. That package will only set you back $3,349.00. It comes with 18 boxes of food and only weighs a little over 300 pounds. Hopefully, your disaster will not destroy the home in which you have this emergency food supply stored. And don't worry that you may have to carry that food around on your back after the disaster strikes or those gun-toting, second amendment loving militias that Beck supports won't shoot you and steal your investment.

Don't Worry! Buy Food Insurance!

Glenn Beck is reportedly so thrilled that he has purchased enough food for himself and his family in case the unforseen happens. He was reported to have said, "You never know. I could lose my job. At least now I will be able to feed my family." The man who makes over 30 million dollars a year is actually the common man. Thirty million a year and he won't be able to feed his kids? Did he spend that much on his worthless gold coins that he makes in his garage?He is worried that he may lose his job and be unable to feed his family, so he has stored a year's supply of food in his basement. I hope his basement doesn't flood or his water pipes back up with raw sewage in the event of his own Apocalypse! Nuclear holocaust, fire, anything of disastrous proportions and Glenn is prepared. More importantly, he will keep preaching impending doom so that you, too, will find it necessary to go to the food insurance web site he promotes. If that doesn't work, he will surely find some other scam for you to invest in, while promoting all of these through fear.

I am actually concerned about those freeze dried mushrooms in the stroganoff. Maybe Mr. Beck has had too many of those mushrooms. Or maybe 'Sobbing Man' has been eating too many gourmet meals cooked in wine. His latest advice and endorsement is beyond the pale. Beck's willingness to promote the products he does questions not only his sobriety, but makes many wonder just how extensive is the brain damage caused by years of cocaine and alcohol?


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  • Jillian Barclay profile image

    Jillian Barclay 6 years ago from California, USA

    Dear Lemp, I am not suggesting that people should not invest in gold, but they should NOT invest through companies like Goldline. Gold, as an investment, has always been A-okay with me, but not when you buy through a company that has marked up the product as much as they did and still do. They are being sued by thousands of people. If you are interested in purchasing gold, go for it, but before you go through Goldline, read this:

  • profile image

    Lemp Beer 6 years ago

    I wish I would have listened to Beck two years ago when he started suggesting that people start buying gold. The wonderful Congressman Anthony Weiner disliked Beck and castigated him for telling people to buy gold.. Look at what gold has done in the past two years.....Beck isnt such a fool after complainers are just bitter partisans.

  • Jillian Barclay profile image

    Jillian Barclay 6 years ago from California, USA

    I say, let's each buy two boxes and help the man out! With his $30 million a year salary, I am sure he is worried about feeding his family! Amazing!

    Thanks, Arb!

  • arb profile image

    arb 6 years ago from oregon

    $3349 a box? Obviously he's found another way to sell and distribute gold. Enjoyed the write! very funny!

  • Jillian Barclay profile image

    Jillian Barclay 7 years ago from California, USA

    I agree completely! Thank you for such a great comment!

  • profile image

    aaron4me 7 years ago

    The problem with Glen Beck is that he is a buisness man. He doesn't care who he sales to just as long as he sales it. IF anyone actually paid attention to Beck they would know that he's full of crap but with a nation full of idiots he has quite the following. Watching Glen is like watching late night evangelicals. One in particular that comes to mind, which stems from the same arena as Beck, was selling prayer cloths from anywhere of 10 to 100 dollars a 3x5 satin sheet. Here is this guy on the screen, wiping the sweat from his brow on these obviously freshly sheared cloths of satin telling his believing followers that if they send him some money, the more money the stronger the prayer, he will personally pray into this cheap rag and send it to them. Sadly there are those who's faith is so strong that they ship off a few 100 to this guy who is only a predator on thier faith. Glen Beck in a nut shell; shelling out cheap rags of misinformation to the masses who buy into crap. American economics 101: Find something that people want and find something that people need. What is faith if not both of these? Faith in our social structure, faith in our religion. Anyone can tap into these areas and make a killing in profit. With Beck's following, he is raking up the dough for himself and his sponsors. Sheep being lead by a shepard.

    I think the quote from the movie Gladiator says it best, " Rome is the mob." In this day and age are we not the same? You give the mob what they want and they will love you for it. Beck, Rush, Ann and Palin (to name few) know this all too well.