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Going Green Tip #2

Updated on June 1, 2010

All wrapped up

A few years ago I had read an article that mentioned using the funny papers or comics of the newspaper to wrap gifts. When I read that I thought it was the best idea ever. I am a bit unconventional and I love to do kooky things. Also I do not see the logic in spending money on fancy ornate wrapping paper just to have someone rip it to shreds. So When I would have a gift to give to a friend I would find the comic strips and would wrap them up and even make a cute bow.

Change it up

After some time I realized why stop at just wrapping gifts in comics. One day, I grabed some old newspapers and somekid freindly finger paint and some brushes. My two children and I sat down and paint our own wrappign paper. We had a blast. It was fun! There may be some skeptics out there that fell as though that is taking the "cheap" way out but consider these few points:

  • Making your own paper saves you money
  • Your recycling old newspapers thus saving the enviroment
  • you can recycled the paper once the presents have ben opened
  • It is family fun
  • It is getting children to be creative
  • Give children a since of pride when they hand grandma a gift wrap in their signature wrapping paper

Box it up

This idea is great for gift boxes as well. We've taken old shoe boxes coverend them with paper (newspaper, construction paper, etc.) and painted the box. We'vepainted the boxes to fit the theme of the occasion. I am sure the this idea can be expanded further.

Any excuse I can have to have a great time with my kid, I will take. But it is also important that I instill values in them. By making our own wrapping paper, it opens the door to many great family discussions. I've thought them that something from the heart is the best gift of all. They've learned that it is important to utilize resources to their fullest potential. They've learn recycle, reduce and reuse. And they've learned how to express themselves through art. You do not need to be a great artist to have fun with this. You just need the ability to have fun.


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