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Gold: Countless Applications In Industrial Processes

Updated on December 26, 2009

There is a very significant demand for gold which is derived for industrial manufacturing purposes. Of almost 12% of all the gold in the world goes not to adornment or to wealth storage but is applied in a very wide variety of manufacturing processes within industry.

Gold is bio-compatible and therefore is a critical element in any implants which are executed through medical procedures. The stents which are placed into arteries in order to keep them from being clogged and to allow for effective blood flow are usually coated with gold. Gold is seen by x-rays by totally opaque therefore the surgeons can place a gold plated stent with absolutely meticulous precision. This allows the stent to do its job with the maximum effectiveness.

There are various other implants used in the medical world which contain significant percentages of gold such as insulin pumps and cardiac pacemakers. The reason why gold is used in these medical products is because it allows microelectronics to function with elevated levels of reliability.

Another important medical factor is that gold has a very high level of resistance to the colonization by bacteria, therefore whenever an implant is placed where there is a significant risk for infection such as within the inner ear of humans, gold becomes the number one choice as the material for the implant. The utilization of gold is central to a great number of micro surgeries conducted on the human ear and it has a long tradition as one of the fundamental metals for this particular application.

The pharmaceutical industry is also finding new applications for gold every day. In order to deliver materials which are biologically active and are targeted to be inserted within human tissues in vivo, gold seems to be the ideal material. The use of gold is able to target these tissues and deliver these biological materials directly without any damage to the human tissues and also without forcing any alteration on to the pharmaceutical activity of the material which is being delivered into the tissues. In order to provide exact doses of very powerful pharmaceutical molecules into various parts of the anatomy where they are most important the pharmaceutical industry tends to rely on gold to execute this function.

The critical pharmaceutical application of gold in these cases is of significant importance when it comes to the pharmaceutical treatment of many diseases including HIV-AIDS and cancer. For anti-cancer targeted pharmaceutical molecules, gold is placed into a significant number of applications thanks to its ability to accentuate and assist a wide variety of chemical and organic compounds.

There is a new concept entitled a Chip Pharmacy where an almost microscopic coating of gold is utilized in order to encase very tiny doses of pharmaceutical products on an electronic silicon chip which is then implanted within the human body. This silicon chip is then activated electronically which dissolves the very thin coating that it has of gold and releases the drug into the human body in an extremely controllable fashion.

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