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Gold Investments For Your Retirement

Updated on April 4, 2015

Your Golden Future

At some point in our lives, we all have to consider what we will do when we can no longer work or health concerns may cause us to make other decisions. However, with the economy we are in today, everyone is concerned if their investments are solid or is there a chance that you could lose your investment due to a negative spiraling economy? There was a time when you would invest your money into property and know that your investment would be safe in the coming years, consequently that is no longer the case and what you may have paid for your home years ago means that now it may not be worth what it was, and the chances are that your property would have devalued in the current financial climate - making this a bad investment.

Even pensions and stock market investments are not doing as well as they used to and inflation and panic buying drives markets in the wrong direction. Individuals are no longer trusting financial institutions like banks, and when you consider that countries are facing bankruptcy, it does not give you confidence in a world economy; rightfully so, we should be concerned about our financial well being not only for ourselves but also for our loved ones and the future.

You Need to Find A New Way To Invest

Obviously, there is a need to continue to plan for our retirement and ensure our future investments are secure. This means that we need to think about investing our hard earned money in other ways - ways that will always have value and will have more of a chance to secure our future. Before I discuss the various methods that you should consider let's go back in time and consider the historical values of our past.

Precious metals, and precious stones are timeless

Consider this if you will; think about bygone years and consider what existed before we had money. Money has always existed as some form of barter in exchange for products and services but this was not widely conceived as money and was merely an exchange of whatever you had at the time such as grain, or cattle. It was not until later in 3000 bc in Mesopotamia that something known as a shekyl was introduced in exchange for weights of something such as silver, copper or gold and this was one of the earliest forms of coinage that we know of.

The Egyptians traded in Gold Bars and Investments were made in Gold whilst other civilizations such as the Mesopotamian's traded in silver bars. This suggests that precious metals were extracted from the ground and seen as valuable currency even long before money or the gold coin was ever struck. This fascination with gold, silver and other precious commodities has existed to the very day and the demands are greater now than they were thousands of years before christ walked upon the earth.


Your Golden Years

Would you Invest In Gold and Other Precious Metals Knowing Your Investment is Safer?

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Why Invest In Gold?

The simple fact is this, gold has lasted all of the worlds economic crises including all wars and conflicts as well as financial changes, and it still continues to be a much sought after investment. Even today mining for gold occurs daily and man's need for gold far out ways what is available so the price continues to rise exponentially. Therefore, Simply Investing in gold is the ideal hedge against uncertainty. Thus, gold investments are a protective investment against a depreciating currency. Instead, as a physical asset, gold is a safe bet, and since you sell and buy gold with US dollars, the more the US dollar depreciates, the higher the price of gold.

This means that investing in gold is protection against a failing economy. Gold Investments provide a perfect way of increasing the value of your retirement plan should you invest and open an account. The stability that is provided by investing in gold IRAs ensures the increase in value of your account over time. Gold is a commodity whose price is not affected by market forces, the demand is constant and is not dictated upon. With the demand for gold hardly met by the supply, the natural consequence is for gold prices to rise and therefore investing in gold is the new hope for the future.

What Experts Say?

Robert Kyosaki, the famed financial Investor and author of the rich dad poor dad series maintains that his strategy whilst he invests in other areas such as property, that he does not save cash when he makes it, he invests it in gold and silver because of the way inflation, paper money and deflation drives the current costs and gold maintains a steady equilibrium and almost always gains.

See What The Experts Are Saying About Gold Investments

How Do I Invest In Gold

The first thing you need to do is to search for reputable gold investment companies and to identify which one that you feel you could deal with. Try to speak to others that have used these companies before and identify what successes and failures they have achieved with them. There are many companies out there but a few come out in front when it comes to investing your money into gold and silver.

  • Regal Assets are possibly the better known and have more exposure with more successes than most.
  • USA GOLD - This is another strong competitor in the field with a massive success portfolio of investors.
  • Blanchard.This company has a long standing history and prefers the bullion investments.
  • Gold and Silver. Gold and silver online is a company that seems to have a strong investment portfolio, but little is known of them at the moment.

There are many ways you can invest in Gold, and each one of these companies have their respective expertise. You may decide to invest your money into a Gold Ira Investment plan or alternatively consider buying physical Gold such as gold coins or gold bullion. No matter how you wish to invest, you can be assured that investing in gold is a smart move for the future.


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