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Gold Rush? Do Not Bury Your Head In the Sand!

Updated on March 20, 2011

Cash 4 Gold Scam

Cash for Gold deals - Should you sell your Gold

Gold Rush - The Conspiracy 1/3

Cash 4 Gold Ripoff?

Has the price of gold peaked? How about the price of silver. Mankind has always had a fascination for precious metals. Gold is rising in price. Has it peaked? Not yet. For the first time in history gold shortages are being manufactured. Citizens are being encouraged to sell their gold by large commercial enterprises.

Just watch television and you will be bombarded with cash for gold commercials. The flip side to this equation is that once an appreciable portion of the world's gold has been transferred to gold controllers, the price of an ounce will further be out of the reach of the average person. So what options exist to acquire wealth during this electronic televised gold rush?

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What can an average working investor use as a hedge and safety valve against economic uncertainty? What product will hold its value against the manipulations of the stock market? What product empowers its owner with financial stability, appreciation, and transferability to heirs? What has value as a collectible item and practical unit of exchange?

The answer is silver. More specifically coins, bars, and bullion. Silver is real money and is used for private barter and also government sanctioned trade and commerce. This is an investment that is affordable as compared to land, commodities, stocks, and jewels.

On a long term basis silver is the best investment you can afford. The current price is about $19 dollars an ounce.There are many factors involved in acquiring silver The worldwide demand exceeds worldwide supply. About 670 million ounces of are mined every year. The demand is for about 850 million ounces. This simple difference between supply and demand produces a market dominated and controlled by brokers and wholesalers. Silver reclamation, or recycling brings in about 150 to 180 million ounces a year. That takes up the difference. So whats left over for investors?

The only raw product left over for investors is the availability of above ground stockpiles. Those stockpiles are going down.This will produce a trigger point where supply will cause a rush on whatever can be found, in whatever form.

So what are the varied uses of this metal?

1. As money.

2. For industry. Electric lights, computers, cell phones, electric batteries, the list continues to grow.

3. As an antibiotic. Used to help heal patients when antibiotics fail. Increasing medical uses.

4. Medical equipment, and intravenous equipment is treated with silver solutions.

5. There are over two thousand uses for this metal. You cannot have an economy without this resource.

6. Solar power is completely dependent upon silver. Every photovaic cell, every solar panel, every battery is constructed with or utilizes silver in an indirect way. Silver stores and conducts electricity at 95 to 100 percent. No other metal can do that. As a mater of supply and demand, there is more gold available above ground than there is silver. Expect this year's silver prices to outpace last year's prices. And prices in the future are expected to exceed this year's prices. Many analysts predict prices to reach $50 an ounce within the next 10 years.

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Ronald Roberts has a lifelong interest in economics and business. A former military officer and MPA graduate, his favorite quote is: Never despise a humble beginning.


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