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Buy Gold and Rare Coins

Updated on October 31, 2011

These rare coins are soon to be auctioned - Do you have any rare coins lying around

What rare coins or gold kruger rands do you have tucked away
What rare coins or gold kruger rands do you have tucked away

Some coin collecting help for beginners and the serious collector - good to know what you are looking for - just click to view more info

The Stock exchange in certain countries rises and falls on Gold Prices

Why is Gold so sought after as an investment stock?

Gold as an investment is always a winner based on the ability to remain as an internationally recognised universal measure for government coffers. The Gold Reserve of most countries is not always seen in physical terms as countries play poker on a global scale whilst the superpowers vie for the elusive winning hand.

What this means is that the only way that currency can behave in a normal way is if the various trading countries with stock markets do not affect their currency with such volatility as to scare the macro economy.Thus in order to maintain a reasonable equilibrium, the countries will trade with each other in gold or oil.

Oil as a commodity is not as easily traded and stored as gold is and therefore gold is more often than not utilised as the universally accepted means of currency for governments.

So you're probably asking me now, how is this relevant to Gold as an investment.Well Gold is generally mined in limited quantities and there is only a finite amount of gold available in the open market place to be traded on the stock exchanges on a daily basis. Therefore at times a run will occur as stock are exchanged for liquidity without having to actually leave the market place with the cash equivalent.This means that in order to obtain large quantities of gold for temporary value, the demand often outstrips the supply.

It stands to reason that gold therefore has a high worth as an investment over the short, medium and long term and will probably retain more stability than currencies and general stocks and commodities as it is not entirely futures based and not such a gamble.

So how do rare coins fare as an investment ?

Can you remember the coins you used to carry around on a daily basis as a kid ?

So where are those coins today and what made them so rare ?

You sure understand before you even continue reading and have probably guessed correctly.The older coins are removed form circulation by the banking systems to make way for newer and updated coins.This has created teh term rare coins as far back as the first coins were minted.

So how do you determine if rare coins are the investment that you think they are. You will be amazed at the antiquity value that some rare coins will have to investors and collectors of rare coins and even bank notes. The marvel is that with so many changing currencies around the world and the ability for money to travel such tremendous distances across seas and to remote areas, that the rarely remain in the same town for very long.

So you tend to find that rare coins will find their way into collections of coins in countries where the coins were not even minted and not acceptable as tender at all.

So there they sit in kids, teens, adults, collectors and investors boxes and safes until often stumbled upon by estates, family members and even forgotten about by their owners. The art of collecting rare coins can also become a fascination to many and can be truly entertaining to some as the ability to enter the rare coin collecting market can be done by merely retaining currency that is announced to be discontinued and removed from circulation to make way for newer coins.So spare a thought to that shiny old coin that you throw into the back of a drawer somewhere and see when it was minted.

You never know what rare coins may be lying around your house without you even realising it.

So do you think rare coins and gold could be your investment

Is it not justified now in thinking a little longer term on your investment strategy and perhaps securing a few gold kruger rands or trying to locate a reasonably priced rare coin to add to your investment portfolio.

I think everybody can start small and affordably.

The Draped Bust Half Cent

Classic Head Half Cent

Liberty Cap Large Cent

Coronet Half Cent

Draped Bust Large Cent

Coronet Matron Head Large Cent

Coronet Young Head Large Cent

Flying Eagle Cent

Indian Head Cent

Wheat Ears Cent

Lincoln Memorial Cent


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    • Dale Nelson profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale Nelson 

      8 years ago from South Africa

      Tough question SXP. I have to say yes because I honestly dont see the smaller denomination remaining in circulation for many more years. For Gold it is a commodity and will probably fare the same as stocks even though it is a system of loan between countries. But what happens when large gold deposit are found and the market becomes saturated is what scares me. So I have to say the cost involved and risk factor for investing in collectibles is different to commodities.But is only my opinion.

    • SXP profile image


      8 years ago from South Africa

      Very informative. Do you think coins will out perform gold as an investment?


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