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Gomez Peer Proof of Payment and Review

Updated on July 9, 2012

Gomez Peer is a downloadable application that runs in the background of your computer, using your spare bandwidth to make you money. It is simple to download and use, as you really only have to set it to start up on your computer once you turn it on, and it will always run. The application will not slow down your internet connection at all, and you earn based on per minute usage. The application works by testing the speeds of different websites that have paid Gomez for their services, using your spare bandwidth to handle work that is sent from the central server.

Your earnings are maxed out at $45.00 a month, meaning that there is no way to earn more than that each month. You can install the application on different computers to help reach that maximum payout each month. The minimum payment is $5.00, which can take a few months at first to reach. However, it seems to me that the longer that you use the program for, the more money you make each month. The program will run on Windows XP or newer, which means that you can run the program even on an older computer, which is great.

Below is a proof of payment from Gomez Peer, in which I earned a little bit over $5.00. This shows that Gomez Peer is a legitimate paying application, and you too can earn from installing it on your computer. Use the sign up link below to get approved quicker to start using the Peer application.


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