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How to make money using Google Adsense

Updated on April 11, 2010

Is Google Adsense Legitimate?

Yes. Google Adsense is a very legitimate way to make money online. That said, don't expect to get rich overnight, or should I say don't expect to get rich at all with google adsense. With constant visits to your website and rich text content in it, google adsense could get you an additional income over a period of time.

Open a Google Adsense account

The first step is to open a google adsense account. If you have a gmail account and prefer to use the same account, all you need is to visit and sign in using your gmail account. The sign up or sign in process will ask for your website address and some personal details. Once the details are submitted, google takes 1 to 2 weeks time to review your website.

Get approval from google adsense

Google takes at least one week's time to review your website to check if it is a valid website with valid content. If the website does not fulfill any of google's policies or guidelines, you adsense account may not be approved. You will get an email with the approval or decline status with a reason for declining if so.

Once the adsense account gets approved, you can login to your adsense account and copy the code for the adsense and paste it on your website, blog or any place you want google adsense to show.

Common Reasons for Declining your Adsense Account:

1. If your website contains adult content or anything that could be against google's policies. Read the terms and agreements for acceptable content by google.

2. If your website is not complete with a homepage, and the basic add on pages like About Us, Customer Service pages, Pages for products if it is a website selling products etc.

3. If the website is not consistent about it's products or services. Google's spiders look for some keywords that describe your website in general and checks through pages to look for consistency. So don't have conflicting pages on your website when you submit your website for adsense approval (at least not until your account gets approved).

4. Blog accounts that are just one or two pages full with incomplete profile information.  I have a website myself that sells clothing. My website account got approved in no time. I recently submitted my first hub with my hubpages account for a new google adsense account.  But unfortunately it was declined.  The reason I was given was that there were not sufficient pages on my URL submitted for an approval.

5. Google for any reason determines that the website you submitted for approval does not belong to you.

How much money can I make using Google Adsense?

If you plan to make a living out of google adsense revenue, it may happen, but not in a month or two but in a couple or more years.  If you have a business website with lots of hits every day, you might get a jump start and could start with around $500 a month.  But if you plan on writing blogs and make money out of the visits that you get, then you better get real patient!  First you will need to write quite some blogs on a variety of topics.  Plus you need to go through the wait time for the blogs to get through the search engine listings and get the visits you need to expect any revenue out of the clicks.  Remember that google ads using adsense are placed automatically using the keywords that are used on the page.  So the more valuable keywords that you use, the higher the value of the ads that are displayed on the blog or webpage.  The most practical and possible revenue I have heard successful bloggers make is around $3000 per month.  And this includes writing blogs not just on hubpages, but on many other blogging sites like this.

How to add the google ads on the page I want?

Once your adsense account gets approved, google gives you ready made codes for different options like text ads or image ads under different size options.  All you do is just copy and paste the code on the page you want the google ads to show.  If you are using your blogging accounts to put google ads, most of the blogging sites like hupages, blogger and knol conveniently provide links to add your google adsense account to your blogging account and start generating clicks instantly!  If you have a business or personal website, ask the webmaster to copy and paste the ready made code provided by google to any page that you want the google ads to show up!

Hope this hub is helpful and good luck with your google adsense application!


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    • nwarriar profile image


      6 years ago from Quebec, Canada

      I did read your page before. It didn't quite have the answer I was looking for so I read it again. And the vibe I'm getting is that to sit tight and write! Google's sending me 'trial approval' doesn't mean anything and the path from HubPages to Google is also blocked. Google says to paste the code and HubPages says 'no code!' What's up with that?

    • courtlneygdtm profile image


      7 years ago from United States

      Thanks! The information you gave on exactly where to place the adsense code was very helpful to me! I'm glad I happened upon your hub. Thanks again!


    • tweetter profile image


      8 years ago

      i got my adsense account within 48 hours, but i clicked on my ads and i got banned, flixya is not working good now........ :-(. i will make a good website and will apply for it...... Nice hub. Keep posting on this topic.


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