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Google AdSense & Google Affiliate Network

Updated on December 8, 2012

Google Affiliate Marketing

OK so here I am bordering on 70 articles, a respectable and chunky number, considering you can be someone who isn't interested in the money making side of online writing and produce 60 hubs about whatever in a matter of weeks. However I have been working hard on Hubpages for the last 4 months now and I started of because of my love of writing, but I also wanted to make money from in using affiliate programs. I began by writing about things that directly interested me and its been a journey of self discovery along the way because I found that I could expand my knowledge just by branching off into topics which I was curious about and isolating subjects which were worth more in terms of 'AdSense revenue'. You can find this information out after you have written a hub by clicking on the stats button above the title and clicking the sub category 'metrics' and researching these particular subjects elsewhere.

I am a firm believer in the progress of my Hubpages account as I will explain further into this article and I like to get things done, never the less I also put a lot of thought and effort in as you probably can tell from other works of mine. So in essence what I want to express is I'm not a expert on this subject but considering everyone has a opinion on this subject and likes to exploit it, I am going to give my unique twist without coming over as arrogant and I would like to show respect to someone here on Hubpages who is a master: RyanKett

It can be a daunting task when you first arrive at Google AdSense with your approved account, you start writing like mad because obviously you need content for many people to view and click on adverts. However, the good thing is that if you are a dedicated writer and write quality articles you are halfway there, you aren't going to benefit from just producing short 'depth-lacking' pieces because people aren't going to stay long enough to find an advert with something they need. Also you are planting a seed for something people desire, for example if you write a 1500 word hub about Mayan History with beautiful pictures of the monuments it is going to make people want to book a holiday to stay at this location and experience first hand what it was like to reside in this civilization.

The next step you are going to want to take is to broaden your audience to further than Hubpages members, this is where the SEO and Affiliates side comes into it. There are other websites out there which you can join which also give you the option of earning revenue from Google AdSense, such as Xomba, Shetoldme, Snipsly and Blogger are to name a few. Here you can create back-links and produce more articles based on the same topics but written differently and improved upon. Remember to use tools such as Google Keyword Tool to include keywords which will help you rank higher in search engines, combined with more articles you will claim a prominent territory amongst search results.

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Any pay per click affiliate is going to have to verify that you are a genuine person with an interest in making your own personal revenue and not trying exploit the system by opening numerous accounts, therefore Google AdSense requires a 'Pin-code' is sent to yor home address and then entered on their dedicated page in your AdSense account. Above is an example of what the Google AdSense pincode postcard looks like when it is mailed out to approved account holders, I recieved mine about 3 weeks ago and it must be entered before Google is able to pay you. After you start to see some revenue accumulating in your account, it won't be long before a red box appears at the top of the page stating that your pin has been posted out and you must complete the steps which also included selecting your preferred payment method and comfirming your telephone via text or call.

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Remember when participating in any affiliate program you are more like a guest than an employee because they have 1000's of people just like you working for them so they can pick or choose who to advertise with. Remember to follow the terms of service, remember to be courteous, you will not get in trouble or banned as long as you don't make any of the obvious mistakes and communicate with the site owner if something is questionable. Obvious mistakes have been pointed out time and time again, so being like a bull in a china shop will not get you anywhere. Don't rush in disrespecting people's work by posted spam links all over their pages or in forums, don't talk about distasteful things such a pornography, discrimination or criminal activity, do not try and cheat by copying articles from other sources such as websites or newspapers and give links to images found in creative commons websites.

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As usual i have tried to illustrate my my opinions using the many images I find on creative commons, I think this helps anchor what your trying to say and also makes it easier for people to learn because an image stays in your head more than lines and lines of black and white text. Anyhow, what I wanted to convey with the above imagery was that when you start your path towards earning with Google affiliates you must remember to be patient because your work can be likened to a 'garden' which needs tending to and feeding in order to grow and prosper amongst the 1000's of other people hoping to do the same. You can try and cheat by planting your work in shallow soil(i.e lots of photo hubs), but this will not guarantee the tips of readers who return and also the CPM of these hubs will not yeild lets say as much as something wrtten about an important issue such as Banking. The term CPM stands for the cost of advertising per thousand impressions for the advertiser to display on your pages.

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Just like the Cubist illustration above, different people look at affiliate programs from different perspectives, some like to base their work upon actually describing products and enticing people to click on the advertisements this way, where as others like to dedicate themselves to creating their own little niche marketing area for example 'music scene publicism' is what my website includes, and this can be equally if not more effective as long as hard work is inputted. I have recently joined the 'Google Affiliate Network' which offers your personal website the opportunity of approaching specific brand name advertisers and requesting approval to display their adverts with higher commissions.

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For some people it is probably built into their genes to make money from affiliates programs and they have that natural sales pitch and hunger for survival which is needed to compete with the big dogs that earn 'mega bucks'. However,  you don't have to be an Einstein to make some extra money as long as you follow some of the basic SEO techniques such as back-linking on your articles, keywords and select content your traffic will continue to grow over time if you repeat the processes. A large quantity of web-pages and content helps when casting a net out into the 'big pond', however, this is not a substitute for quality writing and you should try to include something valuable in each page even if it is a short article involve video clips and images to support what your saying.

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Once again, this is a similar peice of advice to 'tending to your garden', but with this pointer I would like to suggest 'building upon your affiliate marketing'. By this I mean you should always be looking for ways to expand your venture into working with affiliates, try making your own personal blog by registering a domain and you can add the html code for Google adverts into your website and keep all of the revenue earnt instead of giving a percentage to the third-party one where you probably started off posting content. You don't have to be able to make a website using software but you can find out how here, if not check thishub about letting a host handle the web design side.

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So you've been introduced to Affiliate Marketing now, I thought the above illustration was a good likeness to your expressions when you came across it, although it will take you some time before you progress from face number one to face number three. It has taken at least 3-4 months for me to start seeing the benefits and it took me this time to learn from mistakes, adjust my attitude towards the highs and lows and learn the skills to apply on a regular basis to keep up the trend in results. you can use Google Analytics to monitor and see where your strong points are by signing up for an Analytics account and then copying and pasting your Analytics ID into the Hubpages affiliates section.

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You don't necessarily need to keep a diary of your actions but it pays to be organised and keep a schedule, for example, remember in your head the procedures you are going to carry out each day like writing 1 article, posting at least 3 back-links to your page and inviting people to join your social networking sites to be exposed to your links.

One thing I have illustrated below is how I have begun to back up all of my articles on disc, it may seem over cautious, but you never know what is going to happen and you can make a mistake and get in trouble, who knows, but you don't want to be left with hours and hours of work trickling down the drain.

One last tool I would like to mention before I retire for the night is a SEO tool called, and it allows your to post bookmarks to a lot of your networking sites in one go by simply adding a button to your browser window! I hope this has article will help you with the daunting task of taking a firm hold on your presence within the Internet marketing world and give you a place to start from.

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