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Google Keywords

Updated on February 2, 2016

Google Keyword Trends

There is so much information that one can get from Google Keyword Trends. This is a popular term on the internet and basically talks about how web users look for information, or the words they use to search for particular information. The words that are typed out by users are known as keywords. They can be a specific word, or two, and at times short phrases can be typed in. The trends are based on how frequent these particular words are searched by users.

Just a thought...Google makes over $40 billion a year in advertising revenues.

Google Keyword Tool

Internet Marketing

Anyone involved in Internet Marketing, Media Marketing and Business to Business operations should be aware of these trends, because the keywords used on a site is what makes it rank, profitable if it is a sales site, and known by those looking to get information or do business with the owner of the site, which may involve purchasing the goods or services on offer.

It is very important to know the kind of keywords your site requires and use them strategically in specific areas within the site. These areas are the various pages as well as the name or heading of the product or service on offer. It is important to use familiar expressions that people in the region in which you are located are looking for, especially in the website’s menu.

Google trends have in the past shown the same word can have a different meaning in different regions and because of this, the frequency of searches made for the particular word varies per region. Anyone selling international products should know the names for their products in each country where it has a presence. This is important so that they can use the correct keywords and therefore be found by their customers search terms.

Finding the Keywords

Successful marketing operations benefit most from using the keywords found in Google keyword tools and several others. There are several Google tools that one can use to search for keywords and examples are, Google Zeitgeist which reports the most searched for words in Italian and German versions, Google caffeine eBook, Ad words Keyword Tool, Insights for search, Keyword Suggestions, New Experiment, and Google Battle.

So what are the most expensive keywords at the moment?

1. Insurance (auto insurance)

2. Loans (consolidated graduate student loans)

3. Mortgage (refinance second mortgage)

4. Attorney (defence attorney)

5. Credit (bad credit home buyer)

6. Lawyer (criminal defence lawyer)

7. Degree (criminal justice degree online)

These keywords are worth over $40 per thousand clicks.

Apart from these ones from Google, we have the Word tracker, Hit wise, Free keyword suggestion tool, Amazon Movers and Shakers, Lycos 50, Digital point, Trend Hunter, Trellian’s Keyword Discovery and Microsoft Keyword Forecast Tool. There are several others but these are the most popular.

Keyword Tools

Some of these keyword tools give more information than the rest and a person can only get to know about these by reading networking and also by using them. For instance, Google Insights for search not only gives you the required keywords but gives more information you may require such as data on comparisons of the same word on different search engines.

Google trends are very good because they give keywords, comparison of the same word in various search engines as well as the word in singular or plural. They are friendly to users and generally analyze data.

However it also has disadvantages because it does not show the frequency of a search or the competitors which are very important for anyone interested in the trends of a particular keyword they are targeting.

Google trends per country are one area that has not been analysed widely and there is little information on it. There are various search engines and each has its own approach on keyword search trends.

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The use of search engines is so popular that you find most people still go to a search engine for information, even if they know the full details of a website they are looking for. Another reason why most people still use search engines is because they are not intimidating and can be used by those who are not Information Technology (IT) savvy.

The keyword trends are the main determinants of a website’s ranking, the number of visitors to the site and its eventual profitability based on the pay per click on adverts.

Therefore the Google Keyword Trends are very useful for anyone who wants to be successful on the internet.


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