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Graduate From College Without Student Loan Debt

Updated on May 31, 2011

Student loans are part of American culture – at least that’s the general belief but I’m living proof that you can make it through college without a single loan. I did it and I’m proud to say I am the only person, I know, in my class who graduated without a single student loan to my name. Matter of fact I’m rather clueless as to how one even applies for a student loan but I’m not clueless about finding alternative ways of paying for education and it’s that knowledge that I’m going to share with you today.

Get a job. Seriously. Get a job or two and save every penny you earn. I know this is the worst advice I could possibly be giving a high school or college student because the average student doesn’t really make plans past Friday night. But if you’re serious about making it through college without a student loan, you need to get a job and you need to save a good portion of the income from that job. If you think no one will hire you because you don’t have enough experience yet, think again. There are plenty of companies that will hire students and even work around their class schedules. Whenever possible, get a job in your field that way you earn money for college while building your resume at the same time. And who knows, if you do a really good job the company might even hire you on full time after graduation.

Don’t feel like getting a job? Well, I hope you’re an awesome writer and researcher with really good grades because the only other way to pay for college is through grants and scholarships. These days there is a grant or scholarship for pretty much every demographic. Finding these grants and scholarships requires a lot of dedication and hard work so be prepared to log in a ton of hours at the library and on your computer finding and applying for free money. I always recommend sending out as many applications as one can because not every single company you apply to will give you money but you increase your chances of netting that money if you send out a ton of grant and scholarship applications. Before you send those out though, ensure that your grades are up to par, you have extracurricular activities listed that show the things you’re passionate about and good at and most importantly, you have excellent letters of recommendation from well respected individuals.

I can’t tell you how to apply for a student loan because that is foreign territory to me. I worked my way through college – I even took a year off after my junior year to make money to pay for my senior year but it was so worth it. With the help of an academic excellence university scholarship and income from my job, I was able to graduate with no student loan and no debt. If I can do it, so can you.


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