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Grants: How Do People Get Grants for Continuing Their Education

Updated on June 25, 2016


There are some businesses that offer grants to students. Some, such as where I work, offer a scholarship to a senior that is graduating. There are some requirements and it goes before a voting committee who decides yes, or no.


There are some grants offered by college groups that requires the applicant to fulfil a certain duty, get votes and compete to win.

It teaches that person skills in marketing and sales and showmanship.


There are some grants that are donated to a school by businesses and go to the best students with the highest GPA.

How Do You Find the Grants?

Google grants.

What is the difference between difference between grants, scholarships, and fellowships you ask, well, apparently there is not much difference.

They all get money for you if you qualify and you do not need to repay them. They are a gift for your education. You may have to accept them and send a letter of acceptance and thanks, but that is a small price to pay for getting money to finish your education.

Some may include an acceptance dinner. You may have to thank them publicly in a speech. Or not.

Some Fail to Receive Grants

I asked my student if she's had much luck getting financial aid. She replied that even with her almost 4.0 grade point average in College, she has had trouble getting any financial grants. She has received a few, but not as many as she has applied for.

Email.. school.. financial aid determined my grants.. not much luck with any, she admits. So, she, in the first few years of college, went to school at night, while she worked a full time job during the day. When her classes turned to full time during the day, she ended up working around school schedule. When that got to be too much driving and not much sleep, she and her husband made the decision to have her quit her job, to do her schooling on a full time basis.

She will finish school in the fall of 2017, so, she hopes that her sacrifice will pay off.

No Really

How does a student receive funds for continuing their education?

My daughter moved away from home, got married, supported her husband through vocational school, then, worked her way through college, then quit her job to do fulltime classes.

She had to apply for grants and failed to receive any because she and her husband had employment, and apparently, to receive any type of assistance, one must be flat broke, down on their luck, new to the country, etc.

I remember that this was the case 35 years ago when I went to vocational school also. There were kids that were applying for grants and did not receive them because their parents were farmers.

He argued that just because your parents own a pile of Dirt, doesn't meant that they have money for college. No. It means that they have dirt.

Try bringing a pile of dirt to the Billing Office at the school and you will find out that they don't accept dirt as payment, and they don't see the problem of why your parents have dirt, and not cash.

Student Loans

There is the option of student loans, but, they have to be repaid.

Usually after person is done with school.

What a crock. The person has enough pressure to find employment and then has loans to repay for their education. Hopefully their education is worth it.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Very insightful.


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