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Great Hobbies For Retired People - Choose From The List or Create Your Own Ideas For Men and Women

Updated on January 17, 2016

Money Making Ideas And Great Hobbies

Wouldn't it be great to have a list of great hobbies for retired people to choose from to earn extra money from home. I think its important to stay busy and at the same time keep a mind occupied, interested and engaged. I have created a list of great hobbies for retired people in this hub. I can share with you how to earn money from a list of great hobbies for people of any age. Hobbies are not usually something that will make you get rich quick or anything like that but they are sometimes a a good way to make money so you have a little extra.

Several hobbies can be good for the mind and soul. Some can be used to make extra income and some can be just for pleasure or enjoyment, to release stress or relax.Once retired, most people find that they have more time to spend doing them. A list of great hobbies that could be for just about anyone to choose from will be included in this article such as taking landscape photos, collecting beach glass, creating new recipes and writing articles. The photos in the hub show people fishing as a hobby and shows a painting that my son painted as he and I both share painting as a hobby. My hobbies have changed over the years. When I was younger, they were much different. Now that I am nearing retirement age, I have kept some of the old ones and added new ones. My favorite one used to be playing racquetball. A great thing about finding things to do in your spare time is that these things can stay the same or constantly change should we get bored with something and there are so many things to choose from depending on interests.

While some things that people find to do with their spare time are great for leisure and pleasure, others are great for that added source of income that we all sometimes need. Using a hobby to increase income takes some planning and time but can be well worth what you put into it. I've sold framed photos, drilled beach glass and made jewelry that I've sold and been very successful with and have made money writing articles.

I found that having a variety of hobbies lets me be me. Besides the list of hobbies that I've mentioned above, I also love to draw and paint and have even sold some paintings and drawings in the past. Living in a tourist area helps as visitors love to buy area photos , drawings and paintings. Some hobbies can be expensive while others cost nothing but time. Do you have a hobby? Have you ever thought about it? Do you need a list of hobbies to choose from i? Below I will list some ideas. Feel free to add to the list should you do something in your spare time that I don't mention.

What Retired People Do For Fun

Painting For A Hobby

Paint a Picture
Paint a Picture

Fishing For A Hobby


Soooooooo Funny

Two More Great Money Making Hobbies

Ever tried Ebay or Craigslist for selling collectibles or items around your home that you no longer need or use. Setting up accounts and selling at these two places is easy and can be profitable if you have some things you want to get rid of. A great seller is jewelry, another is knick knack type collectibles. If you are in to antiques, there are always people searching for those types of items.

I have known people who have made some good money from selling their own crafts, musical equipment, furniture and art. Just about any household or garage sale item can be sold online. Some people love to try to sell, are successful and find it to be challenging and fun while others see it as more of a hassel and would rather just take old items or unwanted items to a thrift shop.

But Ebay and Craigslist selling is just one more avenue of making money and sometimes a great hobby

More Hobbies

List of Hobbies:

Painting - get some supplies such as paint, paper and brushes and see what you can create

Drawing - need pencils and paper

Making jewelry - pick up some wire at a hobby store and get online to learn how

Model cars

Collecting antiques - go to estate sales and auction. But unusual items

Taking Photos - Use a camera, phone or iPad

Collecting sports cards

Playing an Instrument

Cooking - find old cookbooks, look online, experiment

Candle making





Bird Watching

Treasure hunting

Sports - pickleball is a great sport for retired adults

Playing Cards

Gardening - get some books to learn what to do

Watching/Collecting Movies

Stamps collecting

Coin Collecting





Traveling - research some great places to go


Butterfly watching


Pottery making




Whether you are crafty or not, you should be able to find some kind of hobby that will help you to make some extra income. you should be able to find a hobby just for simple pleasure and relaxation. There are unlimited things you could choose for a hobby. Great hobbies for retired people are ones that will give you satisfaction and enjoyment so look at the list and just find something you are interested in and then get a book and follow the directions. It's as simple as that!


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