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Guess Where My Teacher's Retirement is Going? It is Going to Irresponsible People.

Updated on January 17, 2012

Washington Burns Up Everyone's Money But Their Own!!


Guess Where My Teacher's Retirement is Going?

As a former Teacher and Faculty member of two colleges I guess I am the ultimate communist although I would maintain I am Republican. An Independent Republican but still yet a Republican. A teacher by nature is very social. And we make up the fabricate of society. How else could we explain why we work so hard for such little pay. We are practically Buddhists monks. I had a little money in retirement because let's face it teacher's salaries are horrific.

And recently I heard from the State of Florida that my retirement is being used to buy houses that are upside down in mortgages. And I thought wow how is this a shared burden with the wealthy being taxed. The teachers' pensions are being used across the nation to buy up all the bad mortgages. Now mind you I wasn't asked if I want y pension tobe used this way. As a teacher/communist we know we have no choice. But I am left with the thought how completely unfair that my measly, and it is small because my teacher's salary was small, retirement is being spent to keep irresponsible people in their homes. Let's face it I am bailing out the country, the banks and now the most irresponsible people who bought homes they couldn't possibly afford. I with my little nickels and dimes are left to clean up this mess because Washington DC doesn't believe in taxing the wealth or the corporation. It is not like Oprah's pension is being used to stabilize the housing market but my little teacher's retirement.

So there goes my retirement into over priced under water poorly maintained property. Houdini couldn't have made my money disappear faster.

And for my sacrifice what do I get? Am I getting a high paying corporate job? Am I going to be made CEO of a company because I was responsible enough not to buy an over priced home which I couldn't afford with a mortgage from China but saved for my retirement, And now the government has commadeered my retirement money to bail out all of the irresponsible banking institutions and people while failing to tax the wealthy and the corporations? How is that a shared sacrifice? Why doesn't the government hit all the 501 (c) (3) that fail to provide monies in any reasonable fashion to the charities they purportedly serve? I noticed no one is touching Hollywood's retirement fund. SAG has the best retirement plan in the country with the largest membership. I not only think it is time DC was knocked down to size but Hollywood as well.

Because my little tiny teacher's retirement being taken to stabilize the housing market when Hollywood and DC don't pay taxes and are pulling the same tricks day in and day out is really old. And it is definitely not a shared sacrifice.

I am going to need to see some sacrifices made by someone else besides the people who work the hardest for the least and are the pillars of American Society.

So far it is more of the same from Washington, DC. They are struggling to continue there broken corrupt middle class breaking cons to maintain their filthy rich life styles at the expense of the American people.

It is a terminal disease in Washington, they spend everyone's money but their own. DC needs to put their own skin in the game before they could ever have an ounce of credibility. Congress and the Presidnet should have used their own retirements before ever tapping into anyone else's in this country. After all they made this mess and they were assisted by Hollywod who doesn't pay a dime in taxes either. Until all of DC's retirments are on the line ther is no shared sacrifice. It is just a lie they are telling you.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Brupie,

      So my retirement fund has been consumed by taxes? The point is that I had a retirement fund in which I saved and was responsible and the government came in and took that money for under water mortgages. I didn't go out and buy a house I couldn't afford, or sell a mortgage to someone who wouldn't possibly be able to make the payments to make a living. I was responsble and for this my retirement is being used to bail out all of these irresponsible actors.

      I agree the housing market has to be stabilized in order to end the free fall in the markets but I would have preferred Conress use its' own retirement and not mine as I consider underwater houses to be a risky investment.

      Thank you for reading, commenting and providing feedback. Your participation is valued.


    • Brupie profile image

      Brupie 6 years ago

      Taxes are used to pay for things we object to, whether they are wars we oppose or entitlement programs. If we have investments -- a pension is really an investment, the same is likely to be true in that case as well.

      I don't think funding underwater mortgages is a mistake on the whole, though it might be in many individual cases. It will be hard to get our economy out of the doldrums without getting the housing market out of the doldrums and that means bailing out underwater mortgages.