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Guidelines for Online Seller.

Updated on July 22, 2016

Alright, so suddenly you realized that you have an Entrepreneur bone. Or just decided to set up an online store to earn additional income, or just want to sell the things you don't use or don't need anymore. Whatever your reason is, here are some things that you need to know.

Guidelines for Online Seller.

1. Be Honest
--Describe the item that you are selling. Indicate all important information,functions and price. List the flaws if there are any. Post the actual picture of the item you're selling.Dont initiate false expectation on your customers.

2. Build friendship with your customers.
--Aim for a repeat customer, not just for a one-time buyer only.

3. Be Patient. Be polite.
--Dont argue with your customers. Most of the time, you will encounter a lot of "hard to handle" customers. Some customers will even haggle upto the "near to free" price and requests that the item be delivered on their doorstep right away!:) Keep your cool- Learn to say "No" in a polite way.

4. Show Respect
--Dont block/post/humiliate those customers who haggle, who reserved your item for a month, who cancels their order,who didnt show up at the meet up, etc--stay calm-they have their own reasons-they might had unexpected expenses or had emergencies. You will still be a seller for the next 5 years-there's still a big possibility that they'll become one of your customers again- So move on.

5. Offer Reasonable prices. Help others.
--For selling pre-owned items, prices should be reasonable-dont sell it at a brand new price- Not too high, not too cheap. Always consider the fact that the item you're selling is already used. Always think that by selling your preowned items for less, you're helping other people.:)
--For pre order items-add acceptable margin on each item based on the item's cost.-Not double, not triple. Tip-order in bulk from your supplier so that you'll be given some discounts-that'll be an additional profit to you:)

6. Protect Customer's privacy
--Protect your customer's personal information. Dont post those tracking receipt's pictures as proof of transactions on public-Take note that those track receipts shows not just your personal info but as well as your customer's name, address and mobile. even those tracking numbers can be checked by anyone online too. Help avoid posers and fraudsters.

7. Value your customer's time.
--Be easy on your customer. Dont make it hard for the customer guessing and sending you a message what size and how much your item is. Post complete information of what you're selling-avoid "pm sent" replies too. Arrange meet up place, date and time that is convenient for both seller and buyer- avoid letting your buyer wait for hours. For shipments-make sure to ship the item at the agreed date.

8. Deliver the goods. Collect payment. Send the item.
--For meet ups-be on time. Make sure items were tested, cleaned and packed. Let your customer test/checked the item-dont rush him/her. Collect the payment then give the item.
--For shippings--Confirm the payments-check your bank balance online, collect the payments at the money transfer facilities. Once payments was posted/collected then go ahead and send the item through your chosen courier and provide the tracking info to your customers.

That's all about it. Happy Selling!


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