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Guidelines for online buyers

Updated on July 31, 2016

Basic Rules.

Buying online is convenient and hassle free because you dont need to go to the Mall to buy whatever things that you need. Buying preowned stuffs is rewarding because you'll be able to own branded and quality things at an affordable prices..Hmmm.tempting...

Here are the things to consider when buying online.

1. NEEDs vs. WANTs.
--Know the differences. Prioritize buying what you and your family NEEDS, your WANTS should be secondary.

2. Compare Prices. Check the Quality. Know the Condition.
--Once you've realized what the NEEDS are, start scouting for the item-Look up through different online selling groups and online shops. The condition and the price that suits your budget should be your criteria, finding a kind seller is a plus. For seconds/preloved/used items, it's important to know the condition-you dont want to waste your hard earned cash on something you wont be able to use- ask the seller about the item's wear and tear condition, ask some close up pictures if possible.
--Compare prices--choose the most reasonable priced item.-note that you'll be paying additional fee's such as shipping fees to get the item delivered to you.
--Check the product's quality--Branded items are labeled "Branded" for obvious reason--QUALITY-it's made from high grade materials. Meaning it would be a little bit more comfortable to wear/use it and its lifespan will be longer. So buyers, understand the value of the product over its price.

3. Contact the seller. Be Polite.

--List two or three sellers then contact them-negotiate- but please Be POLITE-take note that only few sellers offers those items at a price that you want. When negotiating, your offer price should be acceptable-not too low-keep in mind whether the items are brand new or used, the sellers shelled out money to buy those too.-So buyers, be considerate. Don't ever say that the seller's price was overpriced- you dont know how much it costs the seller to get the item on hand. Sellers purchase their stocks from different suppliers,different malls = different prices.

4. Close the deal. Pay for it.

--Once the deal was closed, pay for the item-when paying, the total amount should include : PRICE of the item + Shipping fees , if the items will be shipped. Some sellers requires additional fees for Meet ups so the total amount will be: PRICE of the item + Handling fees.
Note : shippping fees dont go to the online seller's pocket, not an additional income to sellers either. These fees goes to the couriers to get your items delivered right at your doorstep, so never ask for discount for the courier/shipping fees. For some situations wherein you're not comfortable paying for shipping fees, the best option is to go directly to the Mall and not to buy online.

5. Track your orders.

--Once your item was shipped by the seller and tracking information was already provided, buyers should check on the status of his/her orders online through the courier's website- dont keep on bugging the seller because, again, sellers aren't affiliated with the courier, unless it's a contracted delivery service. In the event that your order didn't show up on the given estimated delivery date, contact the courier first then the seller.

These are some rules that i thought we should all know for us to have a better online shopping experience. If you have some tips to share too, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy Shopping!


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