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HDFC Netsafe card: The Good, The Bad and the ugly

Updated on September 14, 2014

What exactly Is Hdfc netsafe

HDFC Netsafe is a unique virtual card that can be created using your existing physical credit card or debit card.

In laymen terms, let say you have a HDFC credit card or debit card but you don't want to use in online shopping. So what you can do is create an account on netsafe website. Then transfer money from your existing card to the new virtual card and use it for secure shopping online.

The Good

Secure online shopping- Netsafe cards are meant to be use in a website where you have to make online payments but you don't trust them enough to give your credit/debit cards no

Free service- Creating and using netsafe is completely free but other popular virtual credit card service provider charge you for every transaction that you make.

Pay as you Go- In case you didn't use (or partially use) your netsafe cards, then the left amount will be reverted back to your source account within few days.

The Bad

Virtual only- Netsafe can only be use at online and not in real life.

One time usage- Although you can create up-to 5 netsafe card in a day, 1 netsafe card can only be used once. Again this is not the case with other vcc providers.

Why this is bad ? Let understand with example. Most international shopping websites like amazon verify your card before approving it for transaction. This is done by taking small amount from your card (which is later deposit back) before actually charging your card. But since Netsafe can only be use once. The actual transaction may get cancel due to this.

The Ugly

Not Valid for International shopping- Due to RBI polices, Netsafe virtual credit cannot be used for international shopping. I have try to use them on Google Play and paypal but it didn't work.

No EMI support: Most retail websites in India like Snapdeal, Flipkart offer interest free EMI on credit cards. And sadly Netsafe cards can not be used there as well.

How to make hdfc netsafe card ?

Before you create a netsafe card you will have to first register your debit or credit card. So just head over to HDFC bank's official website and register for netsafe.

Step I

Registration is fairly simple and start with accepting the the Terms and Conditions.

Step II

In second step you will need to enter in, your Debit or Credit card number, your ATM PIN, and the date of expiry of your card along with your contact details like mobile no. and email address as per the bank records. For confirmation, One time password will be send to your link mobile no.

Step III

And in third step, you can then generate your own login Id and Password after adding your personal details.

After Registration process is complete successfully and you can login to HDFC NetSafe and create your own virtual credit cards easily.

Video demostration: How to create and use HDFC netsafe for first time


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