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Updated on November 9, 2009

Creating Wealth



I remember reading a book called How to be Rich by J Paul Getty. It was a great book, but not particularly helpful to the average Joe. Why? Because Getty started with millions! It highly likely that if you’re reading this, you have to start from where you are, which may very well be a base of small, limited or even no resources. So tip #1 is learn how to start from where you are – even it’s a negative or debt situation. Many folk have learned how to be rich by doing just that! What is usually called for a paradigm shift in the way you think! Simple, but not as easy, as that! Start dreaming again! Visualize the future exactly as you desire it. Start thinking in pictures as much as you do in words and remember that miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do your fears. Here’s a few more tips if you want to know how to be rich…

Learn how to be rich tip #2 by starting to attract wealth to you. Start thinking in terms of business opportunities, what can you buy and sell at a handsome profit? The more you visualize yourself become rich, the sooner it will happen because you will come up with an abundance success ideas.

Learn how to be rich tip #3 by starting whether you are ready or not. Too many folk procrastinate. They haven’t got the capital, resources, the right people around them, the perfect idea or opportunity. Best bet is to start, and as you travel along the path,  the ideas and plan will get clearer and clearer.

Learn how to be rich tip #4 by never quitting. Too many entrepreneurs tend to give up at the first sign of a struggle or fight. Little do they realize, that if that they would just stay their ground, the eleventh hour man will put in an appearance and save the day! When? At the eleventh hour, of course!

Learn how to be rich tip #5 by selling products and services that there are real demand for. Sometimes you have to create that demand yourself. More buzz, hype, PR etc.

Learn how to be rich tip #6 by understanding business cycles. Economies go up and down and there are an equal amount of opportunities in both cycles. Capitalize on this fact!

Ron G Holland is “Britain leading motivational speaker”, “Top Biz Guru” and “ The entrepreneur’s entrepreneur” and is one of the words leading exponents on the subject of thinking and non-thinking. Ron is London based and specializes in raising finance for early stage and start-up companies and advising and mentoring entrepreneurs. You can get a FREE copy of his blockbuster international bestseller, Talk & Grow Rich – How to Create Wealth Without Capital and lots of other valuable resources by going to and

Ron G Holland - Personal Development - 1500 Desire


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    • astroboy31 profile image


      4 years ago from Nepal

      Thanks! I wisely spend reading your hub.thanks again

    • Greenheart profile image


      9 years ago from Cambridge

      Thanks Ruok for this hub.

      There are a few mega trends happening today that can lead to wealth.

      1 - The 'green' product revolution

      2 - The home business industry

      3 - The health arena

      I am part of a company that is riding all 3 trends and is helping many make great incomes from home and is making a real contribution to the planet and a growth in their health.

      Have a look for your self at

      Best wishes.



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