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Updated on January 21, 2011

Know More about Finding Online Freelance Jobs

Know More about Finding Online Freelance Jobs

Are you interested in boosting your earnings to achieve higher monthly income levels? I guess of course you are, and will be glad to give you all the information and tips you may need to know about finding online freelance jobs. Many people have quit most of their daily regular jobs they have been doing for years in favour of these freelance jobs opportunities. You may ask yourself why, but once you try it out working as a freelancer on part time basis, say for about 4 hours a day after your regular working hours, then realize you are even earning double or more money than what you used to, it only makes sense to any sane person to quit a regular work that pays peanuts in order to concentrate on the online freelance work that promises financial breakthrough. You definitely want to spend much of your time on work that earns you more money. Fortunately, many freelance jobs sites that offer great opportunities for freelance workers have managed to sign up millions of accounts. That means thousands of projects are posted there in hours every single day. You can easily snatch any of these opportunities to get real working experience at home.

However, finding online freelance jobs may still remain a challenge to many people. This is particularly because of the many job scams sites that require prospective freelance workers to pay fees in order to be given work. This turns many people away and has contributed to the people not believing that online jobs are a reality at all. I personally came across many of those sites before I finally figured out how to find the genuine freelance sites.

Signing Up for Genuine Online Freelance Jobs and Bidding on Projects

Signing up is absolutely free on the majority of the leading freelance sites. That’s not to say that those sites do not charge any fees at all, but charges in most cases only come later after you have identified projects you are interested in and at least have placed a bid on that particular project. A genuine site will first give you the opportunity to see an employer’s instructions for a particular project you want to bid on. You may only be charged when submitting your bid details for the specific project. However, bidding will still attract no charges unless you seek to have your bid highlighted so that it may stand out of the rest to be easily noticed by prospective employers. You are normally given a limited number of free bids per month on some sites. You can only exceed the specified number of bids if your account on the site has a gold status. You normally pay a small fee to get the gold membership on the site, and this allows you some special benefits. The site clearly identifies the reasons for any charges and deducts them from the account you have there, upon your consent. For instance, if your account on the site is $0, and your account needs to be charged $1, the balance will reflect (negative) -$1. It is always advisable to read and fully understand the sites terms and conditions applicable to your account when signing up for one.

Getting Noticed by Employers as a Professional Freelance Worker

Projects that are posted by different employers will normally attract many prospective service providers. You will need to be professional when bidding and clearly demonstrate that you understand the needs of the prospective employer, who in this case you may refer to as your client seeking to contract your professional services. Business etiquette applies here as well, so you have to be polite and choose the right words when bidding or communicating to the project owner. You may have an opportunity to send private messages during or after bidding on the project. Posting of contact information is normally prohibited during the bidding process for most project types unless specified otherwise on the site. You are only given the employers contacts by the site after your bid has won on the project. You may need to provide a portfolio to your prospective clients so as stand better chances of emerging the winner after bidding. To increase your chances of getting selected for as the winner of most freelance jobs projects, you will need to place as many bids are possible. However, some jobs or projects are competitive than others. Some sites will offer exams you can pay to take so as to confirm your qualifications and remain attractive to clients when bidding for projects.

Becoming a Successful Online Freelance Worker

It is important to realize that winning on a project and succeeding as a freelance service provider are two different things altogether. You have to deliver quality services within specified timeframes once selected to work for clients. This will earn you positive feedback comments from the clients and will serve as references to future clients as well. To complete large projects on time and earn more as well while satisfying your clients, you may want to hire a team of other service providers. Most freelance sites will allow you to post projects so as to get bids from other freelance service providers.

Getting Payments from Clients

In most cases, clients will pay you after completing their projects successfully. Some projects attract milestone payments held by the site until the project is completed. Other clients may offer to pay some agreed amounts in advance just when you are starting to work on their projects, then balances are paid upon completion of the work. Most freelance jobs sites have managed to put certain mechanisms and rules in place that prevent fraudulent activities. You cannot easily loose your money to unscrupulous employers as long as you play by the sites’ set rules. You may also have an opportunity to leave negative feedbacks on employers who breach contracts, so they may not want to get these feedbacks for simply failing to pay you as this will mean future service providers will be hesitant to offer them their services.

Your Payments and withdrawals

After earning enough money on your freelance jobs site account, you will be able to withdraw it through a number of allowed payment methods. The most common methods include:

  • Withdrawals via credit cards
  • Bank wire transfers
  • Withdrawals to Paypal accounts
  • Withdrawals to accounts
  • Check withdrawals

Different payment and withdrawal methods apply to different countries, so you can find out which one works for your country to avoid inconveniences.

Benefits of Online Freelance Jobs Opportunities

Online freelance jobs are perhaps the best self employment opportunities you can ever find on the planet. How much you can earn depends on your output per unit time, the number of hours you dedicate to the work, and your skills in marketing and selling your services to prospective clients.

Nothing rewards like being your own boss and making much of the decisions you need to run and benefit from your work. In as much as your clients qualify as your employers, your loyalty is not to one of these clients only. You can choose whoever you want to work for as long as you can agree with them and can satisfy their needs. In most cases, it gives you the perfect work at home opportunity where you enjoy all the flexibility of working whenever you need to. The flexibility that comes with freelance jobs will also allow you to attend on different activities including your personals without necessarily hurting your work. Your creativity and exposure is diversified so you become knowledgeable on many subjects. Serving clients with different and unique requirements on a global scale is a sure way to gain exposure that sharpens your creativity and makes you even more competent in your field. Start your journey today as an online freelance worker and you will see the amount of success you can achieve within no time.


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