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Updated on February 12, 2012



Mushroom cultivation is the most versatile and prolific agric venture all over the world. Mushroom is highly profitable as inputs are locally available, but to get the maximum profit that mushroom gives, as a starter you can forgo the laboratory preparation and incubation process and just buy the already inoculated spawns in colonized bags.

Colonized bags are bags that contain already inoculated spawns. To get maximum profit from mushroom cultivation all you need is buy colonized bags and put them in a room with a temperature of about 30oc for a period of thirty days for incubation. This is done because; if they are taken to the cropping house without incubating them at a lower temperature, they will die and not germinate properly because of the delicate nature of the spawn.

Having said that, I want to say here that the inputs needed for mushroom are very cheap . and these include:

· A waste land

· Little capital to buy colonized bags and to prepare a small structure that can contain about 100 to 300 colonized bags. This structure can be prepared to make provision for the incubation room and the cropping house

· A hose or watering can

How to prepare a cropping house that will contain 100 – 300 colonized bags.

· Get a small piece of land ( could be a waste land of about 20x30 cm)

· Get few plastic zincs for roofing, no sunlight is required for mushroom to grow. Mushrooms cannot grow properly in a hot environment so the cropping and incubation houses must be prepared in such a way that will be conducive for the mushrooms to grow.

· There should be regular provision of water to water the crops on a daily basis. If there is tap a hose should be provided to make watering of the crops easy. But if there is no tap then a watering can should be used for watering the crops

· When building the cropping house shelves should be constructed to enable you place the colonized bags horizontally or vertically. While the shelves for incubation room should be arranged in a way that the bags can be placed vertically

· The colonized bags should be cut open at the edge to drain excess water.

Having taken the steps above all you need do now is buy the already colonized bags, place them vertically in the incubation room and leave them for about 30 days before transferring them to the cropping house. In the cropping house the bags should be placed horizontally and vertically facing the cut edge down wards to drain excess water whenever the crops are watered. You can start harvesting after one week.

There is a ready market at home and abroad. So, mushroom can be packaged fresh or dry and sold in super markets and other local markets. They can also be exported after drying.

Please note that after harvesting mushroom for about 3 to 4 months the colonized bags should be removed and replaced with new ones because there will be diminishing returns i.e. the mushroom will no longer yield much, the mushrooms will become smaller and as such they need to be replaced with new ones. The spent substrate (used colonized bags) can be used as organic manure for planting other crops and for animal feed.

For more information on mushroom cultivation visit: http://mushroomproduction/hub/hubpages .com


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