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Handy Highlighter Pens For Work & School

Updated on March 20, 2011

Highlighter pens are wonderful school supply and office products. Highlighter pens are felt tipped markers filled with transparent ink, which are handy for noting specific passages of text on a page for later emphasis or reference. While a regular marker pen would obscure the text, highlighter pens allow the text to remain visible below the marking. Highlighter pens come in a wide range of bright and fluorescent colors such as pink, orange, green, purple, blue and yellow, which is the most common.

Highlighter pens are handy for many work and school applications. Students are usually required to keep highlighter pens as part of their regular school supplies as they are often used to note references or vital information on research work for reports or when studying for tests. 

At the work place too, highlighter pens are handy for marking text, charts or graphs used for review in meetings and to mark text needed as a reference for later projects. Highlighter pens are also useful when editing paperwork.

Another type of highlighter, as opposed to a wet marker, is the dry highlighter pen. Similar in mechanism to correction tape, they lay down a thin, colored, transparent adhesive strip. This is ideal for use on very thin papers like those used in the Bible. A regular highlighter pen would bleed through to the other side of the thin sheet, but work great on regular weight paper as the ink dries fairly quickly.

Highlighting has proven so useful that there are many new computer programs that feature a highlighter utility to mimic the pen. With just the click of a mouse button, you can manually highlight text in several word processing programs, the same as you would to highlight printed text.

Highlighter pens are sold in abundance at office supply stores but can also be found at art suppliers and department stores where school supplies are sold. They are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased singly or in packs of three or more. The most common colors used are yellow, pink and blue, but you'll also find many other colors to choose from. Having a choice of colors is helpful to differentiate between various lines of text in a single document that have been marked for multiple purposes.

How Highlighter Pens Are Made

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