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Guess Whose Joining the Currency Revolution? "Bitgold"

Updated on October 27, 2016

Today's Reflation Scare

The U.S economies G.D.P has experienced a minimal expansion in progress far less than what most economists expected. American's seem to be hanging in there, with increased economic activity by 2.2% this last quarter. With the economies slowest 2% expansion, businesses and investors suffer a drop in their activity. What does that mean? well, the Federal Reserve will have to increase interest rates in order to deter rising inflation rates if the economy continues to slow down.

If they fail in stopping the increasing rate of inflation, once again the torch will cripple the value of the dollar and our deflationary period of dust will be over this quarter. This increase can last for multiple years as weak economic data will make the Federal Reserves decision even more difficult as march reaches in. Investing in Gold is one of many many ways to get more yield in cash this year, only with a close eye on the nations CPI levels. High Yield savings accounts also prove to be reasonable options considering the fed's efforts to increase interest rates. I would prefer short duration bonds and ETF's investments, perfect for a broad diversification and protection against credit risk.Over the course of this year, gold will continue to fluctuate in price following the average rate of inflation projected.

With obscure plans of hiking interest rates up again, the fed is witnessing a major increase in stocks therefore driving investors to metals which is the exact opposite of what should be occurring under their agenda. The federal reserve is loosing a clear head in the game with fewer strategies to implement against this problem. Two goals would be to increase jobs and steadily increase inflation to healthy levels.Metals don't seem to have a chance of being affected by the performance of stocks this year. Stocks might slow down but a financial melt down gives more power to metals. Due to this reality services like Bitgold now seek to improve the situation making metals accessible with a usable platform.

The Bitgold Platform

I personally believe in the need to protect ourselves against any critical change in the economy by making the correct long term monetary investments. A new trending web service known as "Bitgold", it allows investors to store their dollars as gold and keep a close eye on the gold market. It's a very accessible way of investing in gold that is completely free of any charges. Gold can even used as a spending tool with the order of the Gold prepaid card from the site. As the rate of inflation increases, so does gold profits. If inflation goes down however the price of gold diminishes, lowering the return on investment. Bitgold is a Canadian based company offering international savings and payments services with physical gold. Its parent company "Goldmoney", was the first organization to introduce live trading and settlement of precious metals over the internet. With private international vaults serving the organization all over the world, money that becomes stored will be free of hidden fees and always ready to be redeemed when needed. Bitgold services individualize precious metal investments and display gold charts, providing useful analysis information for making a well informed decision before buying.

What's Offered

Bitgold Services are completely free of charge requiring no upfront investment. However, vault transfers and redemption fees do exist. If an account holder decides to redeem some gold about 1% of the amount will be retained for the charge. Processing times for Gold redemption can only take place during one business day due to a large demand of users, delays will be encountered. Gold can be redeemed in either cubes or bullion bars, gold cubes can only be shipped in New York and Toronto locations with the redemption minimum being atleast 10g of cubes. Before actually implementing the prepaid card service I recommend investing in a feasible amount of gold that can be used regularly in any business. The Bitgold Prepaid master card can only be used in any location that accepts master cards for payments.The card can be used anywhere and any time so don't hesitate to order your first free one.

This wouldn't be anything to worry about in long run considering how much value the dollar has lost since 1978. Famous businessmen like Robert Kyosaki have explained the new rules of money and how we need to break out of our traditional system of school, work and retirement on governmental benefits that may become obsolete. The fiat dollar we use today has lost over 90% of its purchasing power since the 70's, the reason why $1 has been having the same purchasing power as $1 since the beginning of 2015 is deflation: the lower demand on consumer goods on the economy decreasing monetary circulation. The periods of economic drought in 2015 will once again spark more waves of consumer spending and what do we get? Inflation. What better way to protect personal assets with a commodity that can be tendered like gold.

Gold as Currency

Buying and storing gold will translate to heftier amount of funds you can have at your disposal as it's value increases. It's exactly what you need to keep up with the decrease in purchasing power of the dollar. The weaker the dollar becomes, the more everyone will need to keep up with rising consumer markets conjuring waves of high prices to every day life necessities. The price of gold is projected to increase up to $5000 and ounce from now to the year 2020. As our fiat currency continues to crumble in purchasing power the need to buy gold will once again reawaken in the minds of many, be one the earliest and better prepared to survive our changing times by investing bullion gold, the earlier people prepare the, better don't be caught in near death emergencies if an economical collapse happens. The emergence of electronic access to gold is a good option for those who normally don't visit ATM's on a frequent basis. According to major new outlets, 80% of bank account holders haven't visited their branch in six months. Online banking for metals only adds to what we can use on a daily basis, either $2.50 for the coffee or a few grams of gold that just increased in value.

The companies motto seeks individuals interested in building up an accumulating savings account invest in the world's longest lasting currency. They say gold is true money because of it's ability to reinforce substitute the failure of any other failure paper note currency. Gold can now be used for transactions and settlements, this proves to be an innovating and economical transformation. The bitgold business is participating in the currency market that's trying to top the dollar for good just like the success of Bitcoin. It is and will remain a powerful source of monetary value as the demand for the dollar decreases with the mass printing of our commonly used fiat currency. The golden hearts program is just the first part of the affiliate bonus opportunity offering $3.50 more of gold grams to the account holder and each person that successfully signs up to your golden heart link making a deposit within 48 hours.

Bitgold Explained by it's owners


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