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RunJoy: An app to assess workout risk

Updated on May 28, 2016

General Overview

RunJoy is an application designed to incentivize a healthy lifestyle by essentially offering product subsidies for those who exercise. Users enter their running plans in our application, and after verification through GPS navigation - to ensure that users are completing the runs- users win points that can be redeemed as sports coupons at nearby stores. To ensure the most narrowed target population, we will market towards those search for a healthy lifestyle aged 20 - 45 with in the low to middle income brackets. The application essentially encourages running and physical movement, helping users consider potential workouts that strengthen their cardiovascular endurance while preventing major injury. Tradeoffs associated with increased running include increased risk of injury. However, our application will mitigate this risk by prescribing safe workouts and encouraging runners to stretch and warm up prior to any physical activity. The opportunity cost of running, another tradeoff, involves any other activity that could be completed instead; our app will include powerful inspirational messages that encourage users to continue running, regardless of their individual lives. Indeed, this motivation will take two forms: coupon and monetary incentives, and passive quotes/messages weaved into the application. As users run regularly, they receive points based on their adherence to our workout suggestions. These points can in turn be redeemed as sports coupons at nearby stores. Indeed, it’s a win-win for both the users, who gain coupons just for working out, and sports stores that can easily reach out to their target customers!


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