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Helpful Online Budget Calculators

Updated on March 21, 2019
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L. Cargill, Medical Laboratory Scientist, ASCP. Retired blood banker and laboratorian. Loves to write about a wide range of subjects. Enjoy!

Using an online budget calculator

Money is a tool one uses in a budget.
Money is a tool one uses in a budget. | Source

About Online Budget Software:

Putting all of your financial laundry up on the internet is a scary thing to do. You must look for a well encrypted and guaranteed safe site before you ever sign up for their free services. Most, if not all, of the 'free' online budget software sites are backed by some sort of financial services company and they do want to sell you something. Financial services may well be worth the fees these sites charge.

Look for encryption similar to 'bank encryption'. Check the 'about us' page to discover how long they have been in business. Do a Google search for reviews on the company or web site. Try a trial period before you commit your true assets. If you decide you want to buy a service that they sell, try it for the minimum amount of time before really committing to that one site.

Budgets are fairly easy to do online or off. A simple Excel spreadsheet may be all that you need to do a household budget. The advantage of online budgeting is that it is just as easy to use and does automatic calculations for you. Also, online services offer tips and tricks to help you make the most of your hard-earned money.

Credit Tip:

Always pay your bills on time! Even if you can only afford the minimum payment, late fees can cost you more than you know. One person made a small purchase on a rarely used store card. She forgot to pay the bill. She ended up paying over $50 in late fees for a $10 item, and because of the late fees, her credit score went down and she was unable to secure a low cost loan to buy a home. The final cost of that $10 item was over $9,000! (Source: Redbook - Avoid the top money mistakes - February, 2013)

Quizzle Financial Services Review:

According to Quizzle, their web site is the best online budget planner out there. Using Quizzle is easy and totally free. They are sponsored by Quicken Loans, but don't let that stop you. If you need a loan, being a member of Quizzle can be helpful.

Quizzle provides all of the following budget services completely free of charge:

  • Free credit report
  • Free credit score
  • Home value estimator
  • Home loan recommendations
  • Budget planner
  • Free tips on how to improve your scores

For a fee, Quizzle will provide assistance with:

  • Credit Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Debt Management
  • Quizzle® Improvement Program

After using Quizzle for several years, I can report that (according to them), my credit score is in the 'excellent' category; my debt to income ratio is 36%; my budget is grade 'A' and I have a small positive cash flow.

Coupon and 'Deals' Tips

Only use coupons for things you already buy. A 'buy one, get one' coupon is no good if you never use the product or restaurant in the first place. The same advice is good for store coupons too. If the product will spoil before you actually use it, you've just thrown that money out the window.

PowerWallet Free Personal Finance Services

There are apps available to evaluate your budget for free and will give you helpful tips for living within your means. They will alert you as to when a bill is due so you don't get late fees, a real budget killer. Power Wallet also provides deals you can use for saving money.

Power Wallet features an online dashboard that allows you to:

  • Access account summaries
  • Enter manual accounts
  • Pay bills
  • View transactions
  • Create and view your personal budget
  • Set up alerts
  • Free Power Saver comparisons for coupons you can use according to your spending habits
  • Free rewards points for various activities while using Power Wallet

Don't expect to get real benefits out of this web site for a few months as it will take you a while to get all of your income and expenses tracked in. This is true for any online budgeting service though and Power Wallet will help you every step of the way. - Personal Finance, Budgeting and Money Management is a well known and respected money management web site. Mint will categorize your spending and show where every dime goes. They will create a budget plan for you that will, hopefully, make you feel good about your income and expenses. is a verified secure site that pulls in all of your banking transactions and analyzes your spending habits. Mint will also translate all of the bank code into real english so you can understand those transactions. Mint provides the user with easy graphs that let you see in a second where all your money goes. This is helpful in trying to decide where to make changes that will save you money.

Easy Budget Creation Software by

Personal Capital Asset and Money Management

Personal is a site much like, but it is purported to be better at tracking assets along with your money budget. Using online budget tools is great for normal income and expenses tracking. If you have stocks, bonds or other assets, you might want to use a more sophisticated tool.

Personal Capital functions as an investment advisor as well as providing free budget software. They will help you build a stock portfolio that fits your personal strategy and ability to save for the future. They do charge a low fee for being your financial advisor, but they also help you out at tax time.

Summing up these online budget sites:

Personal Capital
Good for beginners?
Good for advanced users?
Free credit report?
Free credit score?
Free budget planner?
Mobile apps?
Not at this time
Secure site?
Investment Help?

How do you budget?

Do you use secure onlne companies to help you with your budget?

See results

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