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Herbal Tea Shop - Anti Oxident - Open a Shop & Earn.

Updated on February 9, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Make a Sign Board with a Logo.

A Sign Board Required in Front of your TEA SHOP.
A Sign Board Required in Front of your TEA SHOP.

Learn Indian Way Easy.

Masala Tea.

Learn & Earn.

Making Tea is as easy as taking out water from your tap.You need to study Tea and the Charm of Tea by drinking it first.There are many types of tea.The Vedic Tea is served by ISKCON temple guest house.You get only Vedic or Herbal or Organic preparations at this place.The place will drive you out of the Guest House in a few days.Every thing you got to do there ou won't do in any guest House.That is a different chapter to tell later.We need to know how we can serve our fellow humans with a good cup of Tea and perhaps few Diet Dishes as Diet is a major cause of worry even for youngsters.

You need a Shop,Yourself and your wife will be the employees and perhaps a Indian or Kerala Cook as they set up Tea Stall even in Hell.Even Angels from Heaven come with out permission from the master by bribing the Indian Angle Guards to drink Tea made by Kerala Chai makers.The only difference in Tea is the Tea Maker.As Tea Maker's from north wonder how these Kerala Tea Makers keep that piece of 3 meter check print fabric around their tummy with bright colors keep so tight to their waist.It is a secret you will know later.

Start making Tea with out delay after you put up the sign board TEA SHOP.You need a Logo as its a status symbol.Make a Logo on word processor just invert 16 like in mirror and circle it like a egg and give two colors Bright Red & White.Why 16 I will tell you later.

Having made a Sign Board with your Royal Logo you need to have customers,call few friends and ask them to stand in front of your shop looking helpless others will join offer 60 ml Tea as FREE on the first day and your problem of advertisement is over.I am not Joking this is what happened to a guy from Kerala, today he has a very posh Restaurant in Bangalore St Marks Road after few hard years.

Please do not serve anything other than Tea.You have to make profit this is business not a Joke.So be serious take your friends help in the beginning you can ignore them if you have no time later as you will be counting $$$$$$$ and looking at your bank balance raise sky high.

Put up a small board inside the TEA SHOP on 16 varieties of Tea you serve. Let there be decor all around but let it not look like a inter state truck shop. If you have the ISKCON temple any where near your place go to their Restaurant and take a look.If you can hire a Gujarati Lady cook hire her,what are they I will tell you later start with only the Tea that the lady knows how to make and as time goes on you will learn more than 16 types of Tea.The Lady will tell you.

The big business won't start right over night you have to work hard on thinking how you can improve,you need to smile for every body and any body.Lady's coming will have to be presented with some flower grown in your back yard,they don't bother where the flower came from they like flattery give them plenty.They will drag their husbands from Beer Bar to Tea Bar,they will come with other lady's to chit chat make them comfortable pour tea like hell give them lots of smiles with out your wife seeing.If she sees you will be in trouble,so take care.

Once the business picks up keep some good looking girls than boys will come.You got to trust me this is for real no Joke.Hang some pictures from INDIA say Hindi films from Bollywood there are many choose Indian Muslim Girls they are all charming keep only latest picture and preferably Miss World in Swim Suits.

Give plenty of simple ambiance hang some copper items with out any original shape by hammering them and make it look very odd in front of your TEA SHOP say its VASTU from India.Sent by PUNDIT SRI SRI ATMAGUNDA the famous man from Rishikesh who spent learnibg for 40 years on VASTU from a 90 year old Saint presently with 4 wife's.

This is Self Employment No Retirement.No Job loss,No Boss to Butter.No Target,No Tension,No Financial worry ( Not Immediately ),No transport Problem,No Parking Problem,No Police Ticket,No labor problem,No Nothing infect you must only work for few years.Its all play no work after few years.Starbucks may give RED card you give GREEN Card cut from magazines in stamp size to few selected customers and say its your way of expressing gratitude for visiting your TEA SHOP so often,tell them if they collect 10 stamps they can have in exchange 50% discount on your Tea or anything you may sell later.See how he pockets that stamp size gReEn Card printed as such.

The Next thing after your business picks up is to serve some Ready to Eat Indian Stuff like "WHEAT CRISP METHI KHAKHRA" ,a Indian traditional ready - to - eat snack based on wheat. Known for its crisp - texture and baked flavor,its a popular food of Gujarati / Rajastani community.Because of its convenience and long shelf life,its easy to carry and eat where ever you want.It can be nutritious breakfast / snack food it can be broken in to pieces and dipped in jam or tomoto sauce or put in to a bowl and added with yoghort or even dipped in to Tea and can also fit a part of the main menu meal if at a later date you start INDIAN MEAL , this is available in any INDIAN Shops,serve it along with Tea.and Charge $1.99 for few pieces of this Herbal Eat available in different flavors the cost of 180 grams packet is less than $1 Dollar in India .

Think what was STARBUCKS in 1971 they never wanted to make coffee.


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