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Hidden Details About Earning Money Online

Updated on January 9, 2018

Alright, we all at one point try to make extra money online. Be it for a little extra cash or to try to make a full time earning online. I myself for the past year have tried my hand at varies ways to make money online and I couldn’t help but notice the amount of bad advice on the internet. Some ideas presented to the reader are made to sound quite easy but is really not. I know that most people like to hear these things from professionals which I am not but I am just a random guy probably like you trying to make money online. Through my search I have come across a lot of different ways to make money but all with a lot of hidden problems which most people don’t discuss.

First of all, through all my research making money through surveys always popped up. Obviously, this is not a good way for serious entrepreneurs but it almost always tops the search list. This method is relatively ineffective and requires an insane amount of time to earn some serious cash. Another thing is that most of these online surveys are aimed at internet users from the US thus it is relatively ineffective for other internet users. Always remember that if you are on the internet from anywhere in the world other than the US most of these passive income solutions don’t work for you. If you live in the US good for you but if you live elsewhere always try to find out if certain methods work for people from your country.

Blogging is another way that you may come across often and there are countless sites and people claiming to help you make your blog and get you started. In blogging you first have to buy a domain name and then webhosting. Some webhosting sites like blue host tend to give you both for a certain price. Bluehost tends to market their lowest prices at $2.95 a month, don’t be fooled they want you to pay for at least 3 years of hosting to get that price and that sometimes proves hard if you are trying to make money. It is also a problem for non-US residents because most probably your countries currency may lose out money when converted to US dollars. That’s just the start, once you get started there are millions and millions of blogs out there and the niche you hope to exploit is probably used by someone else who is way more successful. Think of it, if there is a food blog online for the past 5 years and has a good following then they release a recipe for fried chicken. At the same time, you release a better fried chicken recipe on your food blog. Even though your recipe is way better and more budget friendly, people will always go for the first blog because they trust it. Most people rate sites by views and once they find something good on a certain blog they will often return to the same site even though there are better options out there. Unless you have tons of money to spend on marketing or ad creating or you are already a popular writer on various other blogs then you should find an audience easily but if not, it is a tough and non-fruitful road in the beginning. Blogging is very hard to start but if you stick with it and grind out the bad days you are sure to find some success.

YouTube is also a popular site to make money but this is also very similar to blogging. Instead of writing you make videos and like blogging there are millions of youtubers already very successful in your future niche. Plus, videos are harder to make then writing and it is very easy for viewers to see the amount of views on your video. So, if you get like 100 views of a fried chicken video and someone else gets 2.3 million views, which video do you think people are going to view.

Drop shipping or selling online is another common method most people say is successful. Some advice drop shipping, others Amazon FBA and others selling stuff that you can buy at local garage sales etc. Starting to sell on an online store is hard, eBay gives you a very low selling limit in the beginning. If you live outside the US you get a selling limit of 2 items per month even though you have verified your PayPal account. Amazon doesn’t let you sell if you live in other countries apart from the ones they cover. Setting up a shop of Shopify is super hard and you have to pay a monthly fee. Most of the time you don’t make enough money to pay that fee so forget about profits. Shopify also requires you to build your audience with time and during this time you are losing a lot of money paying for monthly fees. eBay and Amazon also charge listing fees and other fees if your item sells.

Currently I am exploring freelance writing, I can’t tell you much about this business yet but I hope to update you with my results. Please do not be discouraged by these, all I am trying to achieve is to tell you things which most others wont because at the end of the day they are selling you something. Remember those success stories in each and every niche you try to discover well we don’t know if its real. People will say anything to pitch you their product and you don’t know that these people who make $10000 a month even exist. I am not saying they are all lies but there are certain ads out there designed to pitch you a product. Even the bloggers out there who claim to tell you the truth earn money when you read their products, you may not click a link but you add to their views, you may even signup for emails in which they will eventually sell you something. All I am trying to say is to be very careful and do a lot of research before starting or listening to anyone. Most ads try to sell you something and thus be very prepared. Always research your products and choose the best path for you and always remember most things you read are not true but just a pitch to sell you something.


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    • samkhan161 profile image

      Sameer Ahmed 2 months ago from Delhi, India

      I love your article you told the truth!