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High paying jobs to do that don't require a college degree.

Updated on April 24, 2015

• Forex trading

This is also known as foreign exchange or currency trading. As we all know forex is the largest market in the world generating about four to five trillion per day trade volume. In forex trading, traders hope to generate a profit by speculating on the value of one currency compared to another. This is why you see on Bloomberg TV all currencies are in form of pairs(EUR-USD) because currencies are always traded in pairs. This job is so much easy to do if you understand and speculate the change in value of different currencies. It does not require a college degree but it’s a must you learn the methods of trading currencies. The good thing is that there are a lot of website that offer forex education for free. Another interesting fact is, to start this job you need some capital and a broker company. Due to increase of the number of people on the internet, a lot of brokers are offering a minimum of fifty or even five dollars capital to start with. This job pays a lot and i know people who earn 1000-5000 dollars per day.


This is another great job that does not require a college degree. Blogging has become one of the most popular jobs on the internet. I like it because it is easy to start a blogging job you just need a computer and internet connection. However, it does require you to be creative and come up with new topics that people have never heard of or a unique topic to avoid competition. In blogging people are paid mainly buy Google AdSense and online advertisers. This job pays a lot, it is believed that the highest paid blogger earn about one million dollars per month, that’s a lot of money

• Video blogging

Video blogging is sometimes called vlogging. We should note that the only difference between vlogging and blogging is that vlogging is in form of video where instead of writing, you record video messages. Vlogging has become a popular source of income for people who like to share to the world about their lives and daily experiences. Sites like YouTube and bebo are some of the best sites that offer vlogging services. Again you don’t need a college degree to do this but you do need powerful speech skills and interesting topics to vlog. People are paid highly but it depends on how many views your video has.

Tax examiner

Sometimes referred to as a tax collector, is another wonderful job that does not require any college degree but it requires calculation skills. Taxes are one of the certainties in life, and as long as governments collect taxes, there will be jobs for tax collectors. If you feel like you are good in math or maybe you have excellent accounting skills but you don’t feel like you need a college degree then this is the right job for you. It is one of the highest paying job in the world.

Construction machine operator

A construction machine operator is someone who operates heavy equipment during construction in a safe and appropriate manner. Heavy equipment machines include trucks, dozers, graders etc. Again this job does not require a college degree but it does require a lot of skills. If you would like to start this job you must prepare to get used to feel tired and all sweaty and also do your work with much concentration and accuracy. It is high paying job too.

Sewage plant operator

This is someone who operates, monitors and maintains the waste water treatment facility and its processes. This is a high paying job but requires some skills and knowledge. It is also among the list of the most growing jobs. It requires one to have a working knowledge of the machinery used in water treatment. To do this job you must have the ability to detect and differentiate colors and also your respiration system should be well.

Nuclear plant operator

Also referred to as reactor operator, is an individual who is responsible for directing and controlling a nuclear reactor in a nuclear power plant. This job certainly does not require a college degree but it does require a high school diploma and a lot of knowledge on chemistry and physics. Again this job requires much care, skills, timing and knowledge because a single mistake can make a nuclear plant to explode and thus it can emit dangerous radiation which stays for long, a great example is Chernobyl power plant which exploded in 1986.

Talent jobs.

If you think you have a unique talent you can decide to use that talent as a fulltime job. Actually the most paid jobs with or without a college degree is a talent job, if you think you are talented either in sports, acting, singing, comedian, dancing etc. Be sure you can be very successful when you use that talent to make money. However it does require you to be creative to avoid competition and also a lot of practice and courage.


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