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Higher AdSense Income By Banning Worthless Ads

Updated on May 10, 2011

Increase AdSense Income Tip

Making money with Google AdSense can be tricky business. First, you have to write the right kind of webpages or Hubs. Specifically, the content you generate has to have the right keywords and keyphrases to ensure that you are getting the kind of ads that pay enough money to make using AdSense a worthwhile way to generate ongoing passive income.

To get the right keywords, you have to do savvy research with various tools including the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This requires entering in various phrases and words that you think might be valuable. Trying to find high cost per click AdSense keywords can take a while.

Even if you do find good AdSense words with high CPC, you still have to research whether or not you can effectively compete with already published webpages for traffic looking for those keywords.

Worst of all, Google isn't all that concerned with how accurate it's traffic estimates are on the Keyword Tool, so it all might be moot when it turns out that there just isn't that much search engine traffic to be had for your chosen keywords. 

AdSense Bottom Fishers Pay Very Low CPC

When you do create the right content and have the right targeted keywords there is still a way to get kicked in the teeth and lose everything.

Certain advertisers take advantage of the size of Google's ad network and the naivety of many webmasters to make rock-bottom bids to have their ads displayed on virtually any webpage, regardless of if that page is related to the ads or not. They don't care, because by paying just $0.01 per click, they can afford to have TONS of wasted clicks and still make money.

Unfortunately, the same thing can not be said for the website owner and developer trying to earn money with AdSense.

CPC CTR eCPM and Earnings

Advertisers have no interest in wasting their ad dollars on websites that either do not generate clicks on their ads, or who generate clicks that never turn into an actual sale. The latter is known as a conversion and the number of clicks an ad gets relative to how many conversions it generates is known as the conversion rate.

Sites with very low conversion rates get Smart Priced which means that Google pays them less per click than other websites because their clicks are worth less to the advertisers. Some of this money, supposedly, gets refunded to the advertiser.

When an unscrupulous advertiser places ads on a website that is unrelated or that are just by their very nature unlikely to generate either clicks or conversions, that causes the website owner's ratios to drop and may even cause smartpricing which drastically lowers all click income.

Even worse, this happens PER ACCOUNT, not per site. So, even if only one website is generating poor returns, ALL websites have their click pay reduced, even the good ones.

Fortunately, there is a way to counter at least some of these worthless ads. Google provides a Competitive Ad Filter to all AdSense accounts. Adding the domain name of the ad in question will prevent it from showing up on all of the websites linked to that account.

Finding the domain name to add to the filter can be a tiny bit tricky. Since you are never allowed to click on your own ads for any reason, you can't just click the ad to find the culprit. Instead, right-click on the link and select Copy Address from the drop down menu. Paste that link into a text editor or word processor and glance through looking for a domain name. When you find it, add it to the competitive ad filter to stop it from appearing on your sites ever again.


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