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Homeowners Insurance Claims

Updated on September 9, 2013

Choose the Right Policy

Insurance Policies

Homeowners insurance policies are meant to provide security and safety for your property, cater for injuries that are sustained by anyone while on your premises, and cover your expensive gadgets. Insurance companies offer different types of coverage and the premium will vary depending on the coverage you require and the area in which you reside. You should bear in mind that before filing a claim, you first need to consult the policy and exactly what is covered. There are different claims, such as loss as a result of natural disaster, vandalism, burglary etc.; personal injury or injury to others; or theft.

Comprehensive Insurance
Comprehensive Insurance

Inform the Police

The first thing that should be done is to get in touch with the police immediately, if you are making a claim of damage to property, or theft. File a police complaint even if your property was entered but nothing stolen. Make sure you have a least two copies of the complaint as one is for your reference and the other is for the insurance company. You will also be required to write down a list of items that have been stolen or the portion of the property that has been damaged, and then hand it to the police.

Weather Damage

Bad Weather is Cruel

Contact the insurance company and report to them about the theft or damage to your property. Give them the copy of the police report along with the list of items that have been stolen or damaged. In the event the loss and damage is excessive; the insurance will send a loss adjuster to decide how much they are liable for. In this case, you should put a loss assessor on the case, to look out for your personal interests and ensure you receive everything to which you are entitled, by providing the insurance company with a full, legal, insurance loss assessment. If the damage is not so bad, the insurance agent may go on with the formalities without the need of an inspection.

Bad Weather Damages Homes and Power

Storm Damage


Make sure you take a video or photographs of the damaged part of the property. Be sure to at least make two copies of each so that if you will be required to hand the copies to the authorities, you will have your own copy for future reference.

If you have been injured; make sure you seek medical attention immediately. Injuries may be received as a result of DIY home improvements, or even a sudden fall on your property; Keep the hospital receipts and prescriptions for compensation by the insurance company. It is essential that you cooperate with the authorities and complete all formalities as requested. Make sure your premiums are paid promptly and your policy kept up to date; you never know when you might need it.

With the above information in mind, you are now ready to file an insurance claim when necessary, and be on your way to getting fairly compensated.

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